Capricorn Daily Horoscope Friday May 20th 2022

On this day you will feel patient, the Moon transit in trine to Saturn gives emotional maturity, patience, and stable feelings. However, your conservative feelings and restricted emotional displays may coexist with more radical ideas and motivations.

The aspect of Mars trine Neptune is non-aggressive energy, but you can draw on strong spiritual courage and a fighting spirit to defend yourself and those you love. That fight is more inclined to the internal and spiritual. To the way of life.


In case of differences with your partner or loved ones, you keep the peace. You will always do your best to reconcile and always generate a very pleasant atmosphere around you. And how not to do it if your peace of mind is the most important thing. They are the conditions generated by the Moon passing through the sign of Libra.

If power and influence over others is used consciously, then care must be taken to do so with the highest morals and integrity. Even well-planned intentions can sometimes backfire, especially if other, stronger aspects are involved. This position also suggests good relationships with people in positions of power and influence. Take advantage of this opportunity. It is the energy of the Sun trine, Pluto.

Today, something in the air may change the codes you usually use in relationships with your loved ones. As if something incomprehensible made the contacts a bit confusing and everything had to be reconstructed. Communication can lose efficiency, at the risk of causing funny and absurd situations. Maybe this is an opportunity to take advantage of these little confusions.


Aries in your 5th house makes you the most romantic and sentimental, yours is action even in love. You will feel more attracted to people who represent a challenge, you will be more attracted to loves that are very similar to you, determined, strong-willed, and above all safe.

Today, you will undoubtedly want to spend time with your family, whether it is your parents, brother, sister or more distant relatives. Time passes so quickly that you hardly have the opportunity to meet as often as you would like. Give them a little call, and if they don’t live too far, pay them a little visit. Otherwise, you may immerse yourself in the study of your family tree!


Due to the passage of Gemini in your 6th house, almost anything that could involve an attack on the lungs will be affecting you; it could be colds and allergies that cause asthma are common. Always taking care of your health is important.

You will be surrounded by positive people today. You tend to be swayed by other people’s moods and often just being around people who aren’t doing well is enough to completely depress you! Today, save yourself for friends who are fit and happy to live. Avoid contact with depressives, as their negative energy could rub off on you and attract you to dear Capricorn funds.


Mars trine Neptune transit makes you sweet, creative, and passionate about fighting for worthy causes. You have the ability to motivate people effectively without being forceful or bossy at work. This ability to attract good treatment to others comes from your non-threatening approach, your magnetic appeal, and your spiritual attachment.

A good day to work on your instincts. Today, you could be confronted with a part of yourself that is certainly not the brightest, even difficult to “swallow”. If you refuse to see it, a small background of anxiety is to be expected… We all have a shadow with which we must learn to negotiate. Some speak of it as a remnant of a reptilian brain.

Money and Luck

Saturn in your 2nd house makes you very responsible when it comes to money, for now you will be producing enough to live with dignity and you will not lack what is necessary, even if you complain that you do not have money. Do not worry that it will be coming to you to survive.

Be pragmatic and realistic today. Admittedly, you generally like to complicate things, but really it would be necessary to take a break because the situations that you yourself have helped to confuse will end up becoming totally inextricable. Now make sure you really control them because if their understanding completely escapes you, you risk ruining everything.

Capricorn Tomorrow’s Horoscope

There may be an area of your life where you’ve tended to be a little too accepting lately. A member of your family or a friend who does not exchange in the same way as you in the relationship, for example. If this little “letting go” did not seem to be too disturbing until then, today you could be a little disillusioned. Do not hesitate to take the necessary actions to protect yours and yourself.