Capricorn Daily Horoscope in Urdu Tuesday 12th February 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope in Urdu Tuesday 12th February 2019

Capricorn Astrology in Urdu Today
This Tuesday, 12th February is particularly intense, with a series of circumstances that change your daily life: you may feel stuck or exhausted. This excess of physical or mental activity indicates the end of a stage and the beginning of a new cycle.

You pursue your personal goals with good energy but you lack rigor and, by dint of wanting to do everything right now and all alone, you may encounter a failure as unexpected as it deserves.

Everyone rolls for themselves and it is better not to multiply the reproaches and scenes if you want to keep your serenity, just wait until it passes! By the way, you may be a little self-centered, too …

As a couple: If you are a duo, avoid reacting too abruptly because your partner is not decided to give up the ballast and it is you who should, in some cases, let go of the ballast and finally give up certain acquired.

Single: You tend to fall in love a little fast without taking into account the whole relationship. It is a source of sentimental error that you could do without, love but in moderation and above all, stay realistic.

Hobby Today
All your attempts to find you a satisfactory activity fall into the water. In the end, you are not at the right place at the right time … which forces you to review your schedule: stay zen!

Trade rivalries or a sense of competition drives you, make sure not to act under the impulse of your impulsivity. Negative feelings must be overcome and simply serve as a lesson, do not let yourself be invaded.capricorn daily horoscope in urdu 12th february 2019

Fees will be higher than usual because of travel. Try not to sign anything that relates to the work. The best thing to do is to channel your energy into activities that require physical or mental effort.

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