Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 12th April 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 12th April 2019

Increase your confidence in yourself and in the possibilities with which you now have to carry out your economic, work projects and even better your love life! This Friday tends to be a day of internal revision in which you suddenly realize that the road traveled by you in your love life was possibly not the one that suited you, or you wanted.

It is likely that there is some unexpected news related to a person who is far from you. Do not get discouraged or discouraged because it is part of the healing process of your sentimental life that takes place when Saturn, your regent, transits by your sign in his return of the three decades.capricorn daily horoscope today friday 12th april 2019

Sentimental confusions are very common when the return of Saturn occurs in your sign. There are certain doubts about a person close to you. In a short time you will be more sure if you really loved her, or it was illusion.

It’s time to think more about your health and realize that the better you are, the better you feel around you because the energy emanated by you permeates the environment where you live and saturates your home, your family and neighbors.

There is nothing better than a job that is in accordance with your nature to make you feel good and useful. If you are in the middle of a similar situation, congratulations, if you have not been able to struggle to achieve it, your personal fulfillment and emotional balance is at stake.

Money and Luck
Is there a complicated economic situation that has taken you by surprise? Calm down, everything will pass. Your sign has always known how to face these things clearly and now it will not be different.

By Mary Emma

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