Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 14th May 2021

Check Capricorn daily horoscope for Friday, May 14th, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. From now on you must be very careful and selective in everything you are doing since several retrograde planets are affecting your horoscope. As a result of the effluvium of the Moon by your telluric sign, you will notice how your love life passes peacefully, but to maintain that calm rhythm you should not allow outside interference. Be very careful and don’t talk too much. This second fortnight of May that is about to begin will come with dilemmas that you must solve immediately, but beware! Without anticipating events or hasty decisions, remember that your ruler, Saturn, is retrograde.

Today a close friend who lives far away could get in touch with you, or even come to see you. Will the day be perfect for you? Especially if your friend accompanies you to a concert, to the cinema or to another show. Today you will feel like this type of outing because you may be haunted by dissatisfaction and you may need intellectual stimulation.capricorn daily horoscope for today friday may 14th 2021

Your self-confidence soars, your rage for life lightens the atmosphere around you. You will be appreciated! Your instincts show you the right way. Listen to your body, it would be good to relax more. There are settings, harmonizations to develop. Your projects will find a better basis. Your ambition pushes you to explore new avenues. Patience is your basic asset. In terms of your love, things seem to be moving very quickly for you. Today, nothing is idling, everything is accelerating for your satisfaction. The astral sky foresees novelty, entertainment. No heart problem on the horizon.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope of Love, Health, Work, Money, and Family for 14th May 2021

Under the effluvium of Pluto, retrograde in your sign, Jupiter, as well and your ruler Saturn, retrograde in Aquarius, everything can happen to you in the loving, Capricorn terrain. There are entangling people who approach you and cause embarrassing situations in your love life. You do not listen to gossip or be carried away by rumors. Be guided by the heart and let him decide.

A romantic air will invade your senses today. If you are in a couple, try to get out of the routine and surprise innovating with the original date, remember that you don’t need money to be original, innovate and you will see that the smallest details can leave unforgettable memories. If love has not knocked on your door yet, forget that door and let the reunions come in! Bar, cinema, Internet discussion groups, the possibilities abound. What are you waiting for?

Mix love and work, very little for you. People criticize and extrapolate everything. Gossip spreads at lightning speed. Worse, these slanderous people take pleasure in distorting everything without knowing the truth. All this hellish mechanism puts you off before you even hear half of it. However, when love arrives at the coffee machine, its flow is not controlled. To bring a little sweetness and a lot of smoothness to your life, but one more sugar in your cappuccino!

Your intuition and sensitivity will allow you to know what you must do to improve your health by applying the knowledge that you have been acquiring during these past months, but remember, you must do your part, actuate your will.

You will be thinking about the things you want. You will feel like you need to buy some new ones. Maybe your furniture is old and worn. There is nothing wrong with finding out the price of some newer items. Today you will enjoy shopping, even if it is just to look at the windows! It’s good to visualize how you want things to look in your home. In this way, you will have everything clearer to find what you are looking for.

Physically, you feel in great shape and show increased resistance to external aggressions. Why not try a Wutao session to keep that vigor? This discipline at the border between meditation, dance, and Tai-Chi seeks precisely to awaken the energy that lies dormant in us. It is also an ideal practice if you have mild back problems. Indeed, the Wutao relaxes the muscles and stretches the joints gently thanks to the wave movements of the spine.

If your experience and intuition indicate that a certain newcomer boss or coworker is not really what he appears to be, then be very careful when sharing your opinions. Act with prudence and social tact at this time.

You have a good feeling about the path you are taking, an easy and comfortable life. Heaven favors you to seduce people from an advantaged background, which could provide you with scholarly knowledge for an investment. This day is ideal for going back and taking stock. The time has come to take care of the details in your work, to change your strategy, to use your imagination to flesh out things cleverly, your project can succeed.

The planetary energies will awaken greater social consciousness in you. You will think of the homeless person you came across on the way to work or the documentary about babies with AIDS that you saw on TV. You are reflecting on your connection to humanity and your responsibility to your fellow men. Why don’t you consider donating time or money to a charity of your choice? If you feel that urgent need, do not stand with your arms crossed.

Money and Luck
Your time has come to multiply your resources by taking advantage of the planetary energy that surrounds you, but beware! Not everything is easy. There will be those who will approach you to propose useless businesses, do not fall into the trap. [maxbutton id=”10″ ]

Even if it is against your style, prepare for a pitched battle. In fact, “setbacks” will haunt you today. Don’t be surprised if you go to the ice cream parlor for vanilla ice cream and all they have is chocolate. Remember that situations beyond your control are not worth bothering with.

Some days at work are less enjoyable than others. You will have the impression of drowning in a glass of water yet the missions that await you are not so terrible. It happens to lose motivation with the fatigue that accumulates over the days. Don’t worry, the weekend is not far away. The natives of the third decan likely have a sudden urge to go shopping, it is better to resist these temptations for the sake of your finances.

Family and Friends
The astral climate will not be kind to you today. If you were given the choice, you would happily stay locked up all day with a good movie, pounds of food on hand, but most of all, no human being to interact with. This head-to-head moment with yourself will do you a lot of good as long as it is accompanied by a few touches of sociability. A quick phone call to a friend or a discussion on the doorstep with a neighbor will therefore be essential.

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