Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 15th December 2017

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 15th December 2017

A wave of tenderness surrounds you with the transit of the Moon to the sign of Cancer, which is your opposite, which influences sentimentally in your Capricorn horoscope. You will feel motivated to start something different, it can be a job to a productive activity or a relationship or friendship. It is an appropriate day to conduct business related to buying and selling, as well as negotiations with foreigners. This lunar aspect gives you a lot of intuition and puts you in a position of advantage when discussing prices, legal issues or solving family problems.

Do not be so stubborn in your convictions, a new opening will be necessary for you to evolve towards more truth. A bad habit is responsible for your inconvenience. Take care of your digestive system. Casually you do not give up much and should succeed in raising and raising the debate. The perfect chords are rarely achieved, perhaps you have today an idealistic side, even “blue flower”? If you do not go back down to earth very quickly, you may have some disillusionment, but if you accept the situation, everything will be fine.capricorn daily horoscope 15th december 2017

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Capricorn Love Today
If someone left your life pre-texting other reasons, such as that you cannot give him children or that he feels confused, you must give his time and not insist because love does not impose itself, it arises spontaneously and freely in everyone. Use your intuition that is now very well supported. You will have the opportunity to understand a blockage in yourself, do not hesitate to ask the questions that are already tapping you for a month. Your franchise will bring you luck. Do not steer, if someone tells you things bluntly. Instead, try to understand and find the path of dialogue. The moon is a little steep, you could run into some hardness, without accepting everything, you can argue.

Capricorn Health Today
Your daily worries and concerns can cause hormonal imbalances and changes in blood pressure. It is a good day for relaxation and to try alternative health treatments such as massage, for example, or hydrotherapy.

Capricorn Work Today
You must do everything on your part to avoid confrontations with very complicated and conflicting co-workers that will try to discourage you and cause you problems. Do not pay attention to them and keep on doing what is yours until now, Capricorn. You will integrate with the new products without difficulties. Expect to go faster with this. Some infrastructures are not adapted to you, you have a hard time accepting too strict rules, although you are disciplined. The moon offers to adapt your environment to your own nature, so you will have a real adaptation to your environment.

Capricorn Luck and Money Today
With the planetary cycles that are approaching your economic landscape, you will have the opportunity to meet business people or have some kind of investment in mind and count on you. Little by little you will recover what you had invested. To focus too much on your desires, you forget to show sufficient diplomacy to finish your talks.