Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th August 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th August 2018

This Friday there will be a cosmic movement associated with your ruler Saturn and the planet Mars that radically transforms your way of seeing reality. You will be in a different scenario that might confuse you a bit by the mixed signals you receive from those who are by your side.

Observe the reality, do not launch yourself to comment anything and analyze in a judicious way the circumstances. It seems to you that you are not getting anywhere in your love life and you may feel seized by a feeling of nostalgia or frustration. Before cornered to ruminate your supposed misfortunes, stand up and get out of the lethargy, Capricorn.capricorn daily horoscope today friday 17th august 2018

You could be somewhat hesitant to repeat a mistake from the past. Before committing yourself romantically to someone and starting a formal relationship you should ask yourself how far you intend to get in this romance and if it is really important for you to focus now on just one person.

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Treat the throat and neck that now, next to the forehead, are the most sensitive points of your Capricorn sign during this cycle. If you suffer from problems associated with the thyroid and with the lymphatic glands you should follow exactly what is indicated.

Activate your energy, Capricorn, because in you are the potential to get ahead in everything. If your problem is to look for a job, and you have not yet achieved it, this Friday, you should explore the Internet, make phone calls, review the classifieds in the press, and see how at the end of the day you have something concrete in your hands. However, as long as you have your ruler, Saturn, retrograde, like Mercury there are obstacles.

Money and Luck
Possibly you have to face some unexpected economic situation, Capricorn. Before obtaining the money from an investment you will have to face an unpleasant decision, but you will overcome it with your will and charisma. Do not be impressed by frustrated people and you will achieve your goals in an expeditious manner.