Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th November 2017

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th November 2017

Your intuition is the best way to move in life until now it has always given you good results, and now is not the time to change the way you act. Listening to ideas is always positive, especially for people who have more experience than you or professionals who can guide you, but remember, in the end, only you have the last word. It is not the time to risk in business, the stars indicate a tendency to fail if you have to make important decisions study very well the pros and cons of what they offer you, remember that everything that glitters is not gold.

The influence of the lunar transit to your opposite sign creates a climate of emotional surprises in your environment that accentuate your loving sensitivity and place you on the path of arrangements and reconciliations. You will break a bond of the past and certain feelings of guilt or memories that prevented you from achieving your full loving fulfillment. Your relationship begins to turn in a different tone that opens new sentimental horizons in your effective panorama. This week augurs surprises and days full of intensity and lasting emotions.daily capricorn horoscope 17th november 2017

Capricorn Love Today 17th November 2017
Today, the Moon is in transit through the sign of Cancer and the planets Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. Maybe it seems that something strange is happening in your love life and this could lead you to an error by looking at appearances and making judgments that could compromise you. Look for advice in the closest people, and that you consider that they will tell you the truth, to solve the problems of love. The isolation you have been carrying in the last few days will not help you find a solution. Stop spinning in your own head and open your heart to whoever you think can make you smile again, start over there. Your singleness is already making history, you have thought about what you want for your future, it is time to take steps.

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Capricorn Health Today 17th November 2017
A little red wine is healthy for circulation, but the exaggerations are bad. If you feel inclined to drink more than you realize, that is a signal or warning, especially if in the past you suffered from alcoholism or a similar illness.

Capricorn Work Today 17th November 2017
This Friday of your work week distribute your time in an effective way so you can do everything you have in mind. If your cupboards at home are messy and require putting things in place do not be overwhelmed, but do it now. Do not keep procrastinating.

Capricorn Money Today 17th November 2017
Do the unusual and unexpected because money awaits you at different junctures. You may find an economic possibility where you least think about it. Chance is extremely auspicious at this time. Follow your dreams and you will have surprises.