Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 28th June 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 28th June 2019

With the impact of the full moon on your Capricorn sign you discover new potentialities within yourself and accentuate your human resources. You tend to be somewhat impatient, you want to see immediate results and you are worried about what is happening in your environment.

During this annual cycle in which your opposite sign rules, you will feel new emotions coming to your life, the possibility of a change, a new idea that arises in your mind and that will give formidable results once you put it to work.capricorn daily horoscope today friday 28th june 2019

The full moon in your Capricorn sign announces happy times so calm! If there was a temporary separation this does not mean the end of the world. Everything will charge its normal rhythm and in a few days both will laugh at the misunderstanding overcome and what could have happened, but that happily did not happen.

Avoid slippery places and newly cleaned stairs because during this weekend you are prone to falls and a fall is always dangerous when you are not an athlete who knows how to fall so as not to fracture a bone.

There is good news in your workplace, Capricorn, because in a few days you will be doing what you like, even if you do not have a permanent job, do not worry because the solutions are around the corner, as they say.

Money and Luck
Unfortunately you will incur extra expenses that you did not consider in your budget, but the good news is that when that happens you will have an income on the other hand that will compensate the loss on the other side.