Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 6th April 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Friday 6th April 2018

You will find different ways of responding to everyday problems that arise, both in economic and emotional issues. You have initiated a very positive phase in your love relationship, more stable and less restless. What you do this Friday will have important connotations next weekend.

Be careful because you could be making mistakes and causing problems due to a badly spoken word, or misunderstood. From now on, with your ruler, Saturn, retrograde, you must be very careful not to make avoidable mistakes.capricorn daily horoscope friday 6th april 2018

The others are direct. Love presents itself with different faces, and you must be very receptive so that you are not going to miss a word, a gesture or a suggestion.

So that you can function better, and of course, preserve your health, it is essential that you have a pleasant home and work environment to help balance your nervous system.

If your work you do not like at all, go thinking about changing it for what you really like. It is always possible to achieve it if you intend to. Now you are well sponsored to try changes but do not make false steps until you are sure of what you have in your hands.

Money and Luck
Before seeking unstable business seek the advice of knowledgeable people and follow their advice. In this planetary cycle do not let yourself be dazzled by promises because many people are too fascinated with economic fantasies that you do not want to follow.