Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

Impatience does not lead to anything positive and on this Monday it is at your doorstep to keep calm, serenity and equanimity in everything you do so as not to complicate yourself with unexpected situations, or say what you do not want to say. Beware of misunderstandings: Today you will have a hard time articulating what you are feeling, and misunderstandings with some people may result.

A stroke of luck in chance places you on the path of fortune and money in this cycle of your zodiac, Capricorn day. Serious dissensions may oppose your children. You will have a hard time making yourself respected. You may be tempted to use the strong way, but it will probably not be the right solution.

We are under the effects of a planetary trigon. With love everything is achieved and even the highest walls are demolished. If it is up to you to offer an excuse or say the word that encourages the approach of who you love so much and now is not by your side, do not wait any longer and take the first step. This time, while already linked, you can hardly stop yourself from attracting the good graces of the other gender. For now, we will have to make an effort of restraint, because the planet Saturn disapproves of this type of unbridled behavior. Any lack of loyalty or loyalty to your spouse or partner may be severely punished by the stars! But you, single, you will not be in the crosshairs of the planet and will have full latitude to seduce at arm’s length. Who would still dare to complain?

If you do not do today what you proposed to do yesterday to improve health you will be in them. Every act requires a will and the first thing is to strengthen it. If you raise something and do not do it then it will remain as a good idea and nothing more. The Sun and Mercury will help you maintain morale and maintain good vitality. You will need it because Saturn may cause you a few problems. You, who are usually a force of nature, will feel fatigue that will force you to slow down. The most fragile of you will be exposed to bone weakness and dental problems, which fortunately will quickly disappear.

Work from home is very favored, both for housewives and for those who use the phone or the Internet for their business. If you work from home, you will have a successful Monday and you will be able to carry out pending work. The day will come under the best auspices. You will consolidate your position and get a nice salary increase. In any case, your daily work will bring you many satisfactions.

Money and Luck
Your current stage of economic growth demands attention to detail and especially to the contracts you have signed. It is important that you evaluate your resources, and make the necessary cuts to save and avoid superfluous expenses. At first sight, everything will be for the better money side. Pluto and Venus promise you comfortable resources. But it is to count without Jupiter’s bad position, which does not augur anything famous. Delays, bad appreciation of your money, unpaid bills will be the lot of the unlucky ones. In such a context, a balanced budget may be difficult to maintain. Show yourself prudent and economical.

By Mary Emma

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