Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 18th December 2017

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 18th December 2017

Capricorn predictions of your daily life today 18th December 2017;capricorn daily horoscope 18th december 2017

  1. Money and Luck
  2. Health
  3. Family and Social Life
  4. Love
  5. Work

Money and Luck

There is a promising gain in a business that has not yet crystallized, but has a future. Art also gives you very promising financial surprises. The most convenient thing at this time is to get advice, search for information, explore alternatives on the Internet and then make your decisions, Capricorn.

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Two heavies of Heaven will share your money sector. These are Uranus and Neptune, whose influence on your finances is contradictory. If Uranus often brings unexpected cash, Neptune on his side can prevent you from seeing it clearly and pushing you to expenses that you would regret. Luckily, your reasonable nature should protect you from these perverse effects.

Capricorn Health Today

There are planetary influences that directly affect your intimate life and in doing so, they have a positive impact on your health. It is a good day for yoga, meditation, massages, and treatments that calm your anxieties and anxieties. Saturn will make you rather reasonable, and you will be ready to get rid of certain habits that are very harmful to your health. However, you will have to make a big effort to stick to these good resolutions. But it will be worth it.

Family and Social Life

A certain coldness can be manifested in the relations that you will have with the close family. Children may be the cause because you will be accused, rightly or wrongly, not to raise them as it should. It is true that at times young people annoy you, but try to understand them instead of repelling them.

Social life
With many planets in good appearance, focus on expressing openly what you think or feel, instead of ruminating inside all your grievances. This will avoid sudden outbursts of anger, as negative for those around you as for you.

Love and Romance

You have a lot of intuition on your part, so take advantage of it, you will see how your relationship intensifies markedly! You are very close to happiness, do not let it pass through the door of your house without catching it. During this cycle what does not work ends? A positive energetic wave surrounds you that helps you solve heart issues.

In love, you should review what you have done or said in the past days because now things are taking another nuance and it is imperative that you adapt to the changes so that you get better, Capricornian. You feel moved by desires that you can not explain, but if you listen to your intuitions and forebodings and follow your hunches you will find happiness in the least expected place.

Do not be confused, that person you think adores you. Venus in this aspect will promote communication in couples. Make sure to talk more often with your spouse or partner. Submit your personal or professional problems, and discuss them together. This is how you will succeed in creating a real climate of trust between the two of you. Single, do not expect to meet this day the soulmate who will pleasantly upset your existence. Your journey through the desert will last for some time. Take patience! In the meantime, heal your look.


Your mind is boiling with fresh and original ideas which, when implemented, will give you money and increase your work capacity. If you have a job on your own and work from home today is a great day to achieve results.

Enjoy this day to work on creative projects. Under the command of the planet Mercury, well presented, you will give free rein to your imagination instead of bridling.