Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 26th November 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 26th November 2018

You will feel very good when you have managed to leave behind those fights or misunderstandings that spoiled a beautiful relationship. Time to make peace. You must be very careful and combine your previous experience in love with your Capricorn intuition so that you do not get involved in a problem or let yourself be dragged into compromising situations.

Do not trust if the person you just met tells you he is married, or married, but still lives with his current partner in his house! Your charismatic personality will attract many eyes, take care of your public image.capricorn daily horoscope today monday 26th november 2018

You will be flattered to hear affectionate words from those who least thought you were interested in you. This will be a cycle of pleasant surprises in your love life. The next month of December that coincides with your birthday will be exceptional.

If you notice that your diet is not as adequate as it should be, it incorporates additional elements, vitamins or minerals that contribute to improving your level of well-being.

There is a tendency to jump from one job to another during this planetary cycle. Try to find something positive in a job and you will see how you find it. You do not want that job instability.

Money and Luck
If what you are looking for is an extra income, in these days the opportunity will be presented so when it arises do not dismiss it. It’s time to wake up those sleeping talents you have for the economy.

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