Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 4th January 2021

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 4th January 2021

Perhaps you will find this day a little “heavy”. you who love movement and claim great freedom of action, you risk running into the unavailability of people in your immediate circle today. Perhaps they are too preoccupied today? Internally it could well bring up old grudges that you would not have completely evacuated.

You are a tenacious and diligent worker, sometimes too much! You tend to take on more responsibilities than are reasonable or feasible. You run the risk of getting buried by all the trifles that need attention. It’s time for you to learn the good art of delegating! Many of the things that clutter your desk could be delegated to a subordinate, this would leave both your desk and your mind free to tackle more important issues.capricorn daily horoscope 4th january 2021

You do not have to answer for the cultural values of your company … If all the ambition of your work is organized around the fact that you have to have an activity “fashionable” or considered “fascinating”, you will not succeed never to feel good about yourself in this area. The astral configuration of the day pushes you to cut the bridges with all the futile seductions.

“Flee from me, I follow you, follow me, I flee from you”, is an adage which today seems to govern the least of your actions. The presence of the planet Mercury in your axis evokes a crossover in love worthy of the greatest vaudevilles. You are in the midst of marauding! Ascendant Libra, your indecision is reaching its peaks you are disoriented to the point of not knowing at all what you want. You want everything and it’s opposite to the point of making the chosen one of your heart goat.

It seems as if all of your co-workers have taken steroids. The pace of activity in the office is extraordinary, and it will be difficult for you to keep up with them. Do not even try. The old saying, “Dress me slowly I’m in a hurry,” can surely be applied in this situation. He continues to work at his own steady pace. At the end of the day, it will be evident that you have produced a better quality of work than anyone else.

This is perhaps the most meditative day of the month, which will help you to take an inner inventory that you haven’t had time to do for some time. You are letting go of this feeling of constant “duty”, and most of all, oh miracle, you surely understand that you cannot work constantly. This is probably very new to you.

You give good advice to people, but sometimes people see you only as a friendly and caring boy, not as the wonderful person that you are. Today your wit and insight will shine, especially in the area related to groups. If you have to attend meetings or make presentations, people will respond well to your ideas and recognize your experience. At home, any gathering with friends or neighbors will generate some kind of positive attention for you.

Money and Luck
This day should bring water to your dear mill. If you were able to see the probable evolution of a project before anyone else, you might be surprised today to find that you were not wrong! Without even really wanting it, you are asserting yourself. Are you ready to take on other responsibilities now or do you have to wait a bit longer? Capricorn Luck Today

You are such a joker that very often your serious ideas are not taken into account. Maybe you should change the way you present them. Rather than presenting impromptu suggestions to your entourage, why not gather your thoughts into a formal report to present to your boss. Schedule a meeting to review your ideas a few days later. This formal approach will likely get the recognition and achievement you’ve been waiting for.

You don’t seem very happy with your current situation, you want to enjoy your loved ones more. You are too often away from your home and you end up suffering from this state of affairs. Maybe you could consider working remotely? Teleworking would be an interesting alternative and would allow you to reconcile private and professional life more harmoniously. You still need to dare to request it. You should because it could be well received!

Family and Friends
You shine today! Nice friendly meetings are to be expected, especially for natives of the second decan. Don’t put aside your childhood friends, however. Organize a lunch or dinner to meet them, for example, next weekend. Even if you don’t lead the same life, you still understand each other as well and you laugh a lot together. These relationships boost your morale and your zest for life. Everything is going wonderfully in your home too. You have actually found your soul mate and your children are angels.

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to arbitrate a dispute today. Isn’t your sign’s name and symbol the scale? This is because more than any other sign, you have a special gift for finding the right balance, whatever the situation. If you are embroiled in a discord, be confident in your ability to remain objective and analyze a problem from all angles. Your innate talents as mediators will be of great use to the community today.

Try to control your emotions today. It may seem that your crystalline emotions get a bit muddy, but this mud can benefit you; Use it as cement to repair the cracks in your life, and when it dries it will cement a foundation on which to build strong walls and healthy character. At the moment it is soft and malleable.

Watch out for sweets and other treats that make you out of the corner of your eye. They can cause small digestive disorders or other inconveniences. Drink plenty of water, limit caffeine, and eat a healthy diet. Focus your energy on it. You should still be in great shape and health! To fill yourself up with vitamins, make or treat yourself to a revitalizing exotic fruit smoothie.

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