Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th January 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th January 2019

You will receive an invitation that will surprise you, Capricorn. Do as your heart dictates, and do not let yourself be discouraged by any initial setback or negative comment you hear. Life goes on and you must continue with it.

This is an adequate period to finish what does not suit you and put things in their place. You will hear news from someone you have not seen for a while, but who is still thinking about you. People tend to open their hearts to you during this season and the best you can do is listen, and not judge.capricorn daily horoscope today monday 7th january 2019

Do not worry today, night of love, for that little sacrifice for a person you love. A temporary separation can sadden you, but after a while you will see that it was the best. Little by little you will be channeled into the path of consolidated love during this Capricorn birthday cycle.

If in love you very rarely take the first step whether by pride or others, today you decide to do otherwise, it seems pretty good you succeed. You could realize a romantic dream or a secret desire.

As a couple: Your partner gives you evidence of love. He proves to you that his attachment is true, that his feelings for you are sincere. If you had some doubts, today they disappear for good. You are demonstrative.

Single: Creativity and change are part of your motivation for the day. In the realm of your loves, taking radical decisions takes you to a new positive situation. Your desires come true. You are satisfied.

As the day goes by, you will feel much better from the chronic problems that affect you. If on the contrary, you enjoy good health, use this energy to keep it in optimum condition with a healthy and adequate lifestyle.

If they propose a change of employment or position, accept it without reservations. A challenge, a challenge to your intelligence and creativity will give you a great opportunity to show your talent and improve your current status.

Money and Luck
In this planetary conjuncture a good opportunity will be presented to make an economic investment, something that will give you the money necessary to normalize your financial life and increase your income, to the best style of your Capricorn sign.

Whether you’re looking for a source of additional income or you have a business, you’re on the right track to find those little things that make the difference in your cash flow. You win a pack of Europeans but be careful not to squander it, it could happen to you.

Positive changes in the professional sphere? Full of ambition, you feel a compelling need for action, conquests but you are strongly advised to channel your powerful energy to not take too bold initiatives.

Today is an excellent day for you. You will discover that your energy is the missing piece in all the situations that crossed your path, especially those related to love and romance. You will see that things will flow to you and you will not need to work hard to get what you want. You’ll just have to plan and push a little. You have the system at your feet.

Today it is possible that you will come up with new ingenious ideas to make money, and maybe you apply them not only in your personal life but also in your work. This may make you gain recognition from your superiors. A lot of energy, both physical and mental, can be channeled into the affairs of your career. Maybe you are considering some strange options for your career. If you’re going to try something out of the ordinary, this is definitely the day to start the preliminary work.

Beware of lawyers, bankers and brokers. Do not trust the information they give you. As long as it may suit them, for you it is not profitable. Learn well and do not make blind investments.

This is a good day to release some toxins. Sometimes you keep many inside you. Let the emotions build until you are about to explode. That’s when your mood can bring out the best in you. So try to find the best way to get rid of this negative energy. Do strong exercises or go jogging. Keep busy with your body and stay away from your thoughts. Stop clinging to negative emotions and be enlightened.

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