Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 9th March 2020

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 9th March 2020

Some aspects of your life seem to undergo changes that you cannot control? This frightens you because when things suddenly slip out of your hands, you feel your safety and comfort threatened.

Avoid falling into the neurosis regarding the most important issues. The harder you try to hold on to them, the less you can control them.capricorn daily horoscope 9th march 2020

Capricorn, for those born under this sign, this day will be the best. Remember that you must go out to clear yourself in the open air and release all that bad vibes that you have accumulated.

This day will be very fun and is perfect for an afternoon of family life, today you will be rewarded emotionally speaking, try to cultivate a little more your personal relationships attending to your family or spending a little time to strengthen the bonds between all and each of the people you love. Remember that people who are in your personal circle are important and deserve special treatment.

Certain issues related to love and beauty could cause some tensions in your world. These aspects of your life generate anxieties that you cannot take away from your thoughts. Take care of people who try to manipulate you through your emotions and take advantage of your sensitive and affectionate nature. Remember that you have no obligation to care for and protect all who approach you.

For this day the stars prepare you for a big surprise. You will receive a somewhat disturbing message from a friend or relative that you have not seen in a long time. But you will not understand it at the beginning, you must wait to receive the new news that will arrive and these, in turn, will end up being good. Be very careful of who you fall in love with, that person may not be right for you or your heart is already occupied by someone close to you. Respect the relationships of your loved ones, give yourself the opportunity with someone else without harming third parties.

A new company that interests you especially could be improved by your intuition. The ideas of the friends who work with you on this project will also increase your enthusiasm. Maybe at some point in the day, you decide to relax with a bit of reading, maybe about spiritual or metaphysical issues, which could inspire you. At night, invite your friends to dinner.

You must be very careful with the way you do your job since it is likely that due to your bad mood you commit something improper which can make you lose your job. You must change your behavior because being on the defensive will only bring you problems.

Money and Luck
You are a born public speaker, and you look for opportunities to have the floor. You could be an excellent lawyer if you still are not. Unfortunately, the energy of the day can cause you to screw up. Pay more attention and plan your presentation more than you normally do, otherwise, your speech could confuse the public rather than clarify ideas. Capricorn Luck Today

It is time that you start to stop wasting your money, realize that the unnecessary expenses you make in the long run will affect your economy. You are currently stable, but you must start making a savings fund since you probably need it later. The cosmic energies present in your horoscope bring you closer to the desired economic development despite not seeing immediate results. A little patience, the results are closer than you think, calm because the money will arrive very soon.

Today you will be presented with a conflict between your obligations and your desires. You will surely feel that you cannot control the situation, so you will be more irritable and irritable than usual. Try to think clearly and find a solution to this puzzle, and then take action on the matter. Avoid the temptation to fight with others. At night: Go dancing! Get rid of that frustrating energy!

Today you will think about the adventures of the past. You will be sentimental, reflecting on your student days and your friends. The planets will arouse feelings of nostalgia. You will find yourself missing the days gone by. You will even want to see some old photos. Or you will call some old buddy. If both have lost contact, it will be fun to meet again.

If you are sick today is a perfect day to go for a walk, because the stars have good news for you. Those symptoms that seemed like they weren’t going to go away will never go away. It is not that you are very sick, it is rather the confinement that is what makes you feel so bad.

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