Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 10th August 2019

You are in a happy moment where everything is possible, but to achieve this, leave behind pessimistic and defeatist attitudes and cheerfully face the day.

Although you will not have the necessary help to carry out a work project you will be able to finish it successfully and then you will feel the satisfaction of having done something positive. Do not be guided by the comments of others and insist, so you will be creating your own reality.

When something does not go as planned, intelligence teaches us to adapt to new situations and this weekend you must do so by changing your conquest strategy and acting sensibly in the face of a loving setback or an unexpected response or reaction.

Always take care of your diet and physical activity as your sign leans towards increases in blood pressure during this cycle and also to gain weight. A few kilos – or pounds – or more could cause you worries if you don’t take better care of yourself.

What you do on this day is very well sponsored, so do not worry, go ahead with your purposes and never let the frustrated, discouraged and complaining fill you with negative ideas and keep you from your work goals.

Money and Luck
You are inspired by important thoughts and intuitions that will allow you to go to places where there are money and fortune. It is your day to make travel arrangements and also to put aside economic worries and succeed.

Lucky Numbers Today

2 6 9 12


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