Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th December 2017

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th December 2017

Your words, comments and reflections will be very well received and you will reap excellent results in everything you are doing, Capricorn. This is your day to try to improve your work position, demand some change or improvement in your financial affairs and bring order to your emotional life by forgiving mistakes of the past. They are lessons to learn. Nothing will stop your determination today, remain receptive to the outside opinions anyway, you would win. The sky smiles at you and gives you the moral energy to overcome your pessimistic ideas.

Happily, now, you know very well what suits you and you will not take false steps but you will support your foot in a solid and determined manner in what you must do to obtain what you are looking for. The beginning of your birthday cycle is approaching and you should prepare now. A feeling of dissatisfaction is invading you and you need to go out to get some fresh air. Once outside you only want to go home. It’s a little complicated to manage, fortunately, it will be short-lived. You believe in your good star and you follow its light in the night. It’s a good reflex, trust in life, it’s always more imagination than you. What seems troubled today will find its own solution tomorrow.capricorn daily horoscope 16th december 2017

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Capricorn Love Today
Love arrives at the moment it must arrive, without seeking it, without proposing it. Simply open your heart, listen to the inner voice of your intuition that tells you how to conquer the person you are interested in and you will see how everything is possible. Your charm could make the effect and your strategies carried out smoothly succeed in influencing who you want. You will need to support and reassure your partner, listen to yourself. It is by giving your confidence that you will grow in the esteem of your good half. Dialogue is on the agenda.

Capricorn Health Today
It is a quiet Saturday in your astrological health area and there are no complications unless you look for them yourself arguing with other stubborn people or trying to impose your will because in that case, you would end up with headaches.

Capricorn Work Today
If you are having a difficult time because of losing your job, do not worry because the situation will improve noticeably. If you are working, you will achieve recognition from someone who occupies a high position in your company or has good business contacts. You have your head in the clouds today, do not get into this or that complex work without preparation.

Capricorn Luck and Money Today
Your character and your experience will be the factors that will place you in a privileged position from which you can earn more money, manage more resources and develop better. Chance is also very well sponsored in this astral period that you are going through. Not a cloud in sight today! The influence of Mars galvanizes you and moves you in the right direction. Looking for the best option and you have a little trouble choosing a path. Take advice from those around you, they will be happy to help you see clearly and someone will solve your problem. Rely on the experience.