Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 20th October 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 20th October 2018

When concluding the transit of the Moon in conjunction with the Sun will not interest you someone or something and you will put your eyes on another person or another job, house or family. Everything will be surprising from this day, Capricorn. Stand firm in front of the manipulators and cheaters that now surround you.

Beware of signing legal documents and get advice because you are emotionally vulnerable. In love you discover something that could irritate you. Do not make decisions in moments of anger, wait and do not miss. However, once everything is clear, you will have a cycle of formidable intensity and love intimacy. Tonight, dark, depressive dreams can invade your dream, surely they will alternate with other silly dreams that will make you laugh a lot. In the morning you may wake up very confused with these images, and your tendency will be to discard them. But do not do it. Your dreams try to tell you something about you. In these last days have you felt emotionally high and low? Have you alternated crying and laughter at some time? Think about it!

Maybe you are right, but your understanding attitude will break the ice and again harmony between both will reign. There is nothing comparable to reconciliation and in this planetary cycle it is preferable to yield to losing a relationship because of obstinately seeking explanations that do not exist. None of your friends will be at home today, and therefore you will not be able to call anyone on the phone or visit them. This will make you feel a bit lonely, and maybe you’ll get a bit bitter until you convince yourself that nobody cares anymore. Cheer up! You know very well that this is not the case. Read something or watch videos until someone calls you. Believe me, they will call you!

Combine properly your exercises and your diet and do not overdo anything because due to the existing planetary influences you are prone to eat too much which could lead to an increase in body weight. Today you will see especially beautiful, but you will feel that it is in vain since your lover is not to appreciate it. Get happy! It will only be for a few days and by then you will still look pretty. Try to keep busy, preferably doing something you like, in this way your enthusiasm will enhance your beauty. Your friend will not be absent forever. That only seems to you.

The one you least expect will extend your helping hand and your advice in your work contributing to the success of what you are now doing. Your working life is in a prosperous stage and the astrological environment around you is positive and happy. It is difficult to worry about the problems of others, when you feel that you already have enough. Today it may be difficult for you to concentrate on work, since your mind is full of trifles of daily life. You may need to go see a doctor or examine your car. It is not urgent, however these tasks must be done today. You do not have time for others; You do not even have time for you!

Money and Luck
You will have the opportunity to develop your affirmative abilities this week because there are no major astrological aspects affecting you and this astral congruence will give you a margin of economic advantage and profit possibilities. There is prosperity in your horoscope, Capricorn. By nature you tend to be a warm and affectionate person, but today you are likely to have more opportunities than usual to prove it. Relations with close friends, children and lovers will probably be very satisfying. It is also possible that your creativity is more awake, especially in relation to plants, cooking and other arts that require love. Have fun!

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