Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 21st July 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 21st July 2018

In these moments your ruler, Saturn, retrograde, creates a somewhat conflictive aspect the first hours of the day. Do not be surprised if there are setbacks, unforeseen situations, delays to a plan, trip or project. The water will recover its level.

The important thing is that you see everything as it really is: a temporary situation. Remember that, however, complicated things may be, you can facilitate them or make them worse depending on the attitude you assume. Everything will be fine if you intend it.capricorn daily horoscope saturday 21st july 2018

These planetary aspects create a good balance with the different energies that are enveloping your sign and help to better balance your horoscope because you will overcome any difficulty if you put on your part, smile, forget and go on, Capricorn.

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You could feel something restless in the morning hours. The night also presents difficult aspects so avoid alcoholic and exciting drinks before going to bed. What happens you will soon forget, it is something transitory.

In this sense, things are going well, but there is a difficulty, and that is that you go to exasperate with a co-worker or a boss for a bad word, and worse understood. In that case, turn a deaf ear, continue on your own and you will see how everything is satisfactorily solved.

Money and Luck
Separate a money for a certain purchase that in the next days you will do and it will be very positive to help you improve your house, or renovate your cupboards. You will have an additional ticket that will arrive at the moment you least expect, and when you needed it the most.