Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 21st November 2020

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 21st November 2020

This new cycle that is just beginning is the one that marks the prelude to what will be your birthday period next December. You will want to do something impulsively, but beware, Capricorn! If you proceed hastily and do not think well about the scope of your actions, you would become entangled in something that would later complicate your life. You will hear a secret associated with a love relationship from someone you hold dear. It is not convenient to divulge it because you could lose your friendship. Try to stay out of that sentimental situation and you will not suffer consequences. An expression or indiscretion can cause a lot of damage, without your intention.

You will be able to receive information from a group with which you are associated that will cause you immeasurable joy. Today you will enjoy being with people since you feel more sociable than usual and both new and old friends will seek your company. You have some kind of victory on your doorstep that helps you feel wonderful.capricorn daily horoscope 21st november 2020

Planetary sextiles with your ruler, Saturn, and direct planets! Take advantage of this sensual charisma that now surrounds you to declare your love to someone who seemed very difficult to conquer. There are no limits to your willpower and persuasion. Thanks to the superb astral aspects of the moment, you will experience a renewed passion for the one (or the one) who shares your life. Why not treat yourself to a romantic getaway, to relive the happy days of your honeymoon? Think about it! Single, if you haven’t met a soul mate yet, it will most likely be done this time around. But, of course, there is no question of waiting in your corner for the meeting of your dreams. Go to the environment where you feel comfortable, show yourself in your best light, be dressed to the nines.

Today you will wake up feeling strong and confident, and the good news at work will only boost your spirits. It could be a raise, a promotion, or some other type of progress and it will mean an increase in your income. In the afternoon you may go to an office party to welcome a new team member or to say goodbye to a colleague who is leaving the group. You will have a good time chatting with colleagues without having the pressure of work. At night: Relax!

The breath of Venus takes you into the eddies of a hitherto unprecedented passion. You read Belle du Seigneur with greed surprised that your story is described there with clockwork precision. Your unadventurous nature was not prepared for such a cataclysm, but you improvise with skill. Transformed, today you nourish the desire to follow this passion to the end, whatever the cost. You have gained in courage what you have lost in security.

The conjunction of Saturn. Use this cosmic energy to get rid of negative health habits and accentuate the positive qualities of your sign. Your body and mind take comfort in the environmental influences that now surround you on an astrological level. Very favorable environment for health. You will feel in good shape, and you will also have excellent morale, which is not always the case. Also, digestive disorders will be significantly reduced.

An argument with the man in your life can make you feel very disappointed and a bit depressed today. However, you are probably still too upset to want to discuss it with her. Stay busy during the day, trying to vent that feeling of frustration. Forget about it for a bit. This way you can see the situation with more objectivity so that when the night comes you will be calmer to receive it with a kiss and make amends.

Early in the morning, you have hellish fishing! The birds are singing and you get out of bed whistling. Your partner, on the other hand, is in low spirits. He can’t stand your good humor. No need to try, it will piss you off all day. Give it some air, take care of your children, your friends. Let it purr in a bad mood at home, while you enjoy life: a little sport, a small exhibition, and even a delicious brunch await you. Too bad for him!

Take it all less stiffly, and if you feel angry about something, take a deep breath and forget. This will attract good vibes. It is not the right day to discuss with your coworkers, bosses, subordinates, or partners in your company because you are on a peak day and with your ruler Saturn in a conflictive opposition with the North Node. If you have professional initiatives to take, do the necessary at this time because the planet Uranus will be in a good position in your Heaven. This astral aspect will intensify your sense of organization and help you to assert yourself better. Take all the necessary steps, but without going beyond your usual occupations or obligations.

The desire to earn more could lead you to think a little more about your job and your career today. This is good because at this point you are likely to achieve what you set out to do, and even more. Your effort will not go unnoticed by those who matter, and you will know it. Don’t be surprised if your motivation is stronger than ever. Keep it up!

Money and Luck
Avoid suspicious and mistrustful attitudes. Apply what you have learned and do not lose confidence in life. Rejoice because soon you receive expected money and if your previous associations were not the best and your trust in people has diminished, you do not have to think that it will always be the same. It would be pointless to count on an unexpected inflow of money today. But that will not prevent you from thinking about consuming smartly without putting a strain on your wallet. More than ever it will be necessary to put know-how and vigilance in its consumption. Capricorn Luck Today

Today you will receive letters or phone calls, reaffirming the success of the business. You will enjoy this success and give yourself new opportunities. Your mind will be open to considering anything that is presented to you, and your common sense will be awake so that you can see all the edges of the question. Therefore, whatever you have to analyze, trust yourself! You are usually practical and efficient, but today you will be even more so.

” Do you want it or not? »Is a catchphrase that sticks perfectly to you at the moment. You keep sending mixed signals, so you end up losing your professional entourage. Your constant hesitations should prompt you to question your real aspirations. If you are in doubt, you are probably not where you should be. Take advice from those around you, question your choices, this will prevent you from crabbing.

Family and Friends
You will be very complicit with your spouse and your children if you have any. Family life will be cheerful thanks to the influence of the planets, in particular Venus, on your sign. It’s a good day to find a new property that the whole family will be comfortable in. However, do not act too quickly and seek advice from those around you, especially your spouse, who also has a say.

With your friends, the atmosphere will be good even if you have been criticized for your behavior lately. The impact of the Moon will be slight. Your relations with your loved ones should therefore go through a fairly harmonious phase, on the condition, however, that you do not be too demanding of them.

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