Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 22nd September 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 22nd September 2018

You are in a good disposition to take risks and face challenges, but at the same time it can cause certain emotional instabilities. Be very careful what you do and say this day particularly if you are angry with your partner.

Put aside the negative impetus and face your present with optimism and joy. Do not let yourself be wrapped up by compromising and entanglement people who only know how to speak badly about others.

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There is a tone of nostalgia that can sadden you by bringing to mind some memory of the past that you do not want to remember now. Try to live your present, do not immerse yourself in pessimistic reminiscences that would make you restless because you would not get anything out of it and this day is to enjoy it.

Always listen to the messages of your body. If you feel like going to bed, do it, if you want to work, too. When you are well in tune with the rhythms of your body, your health improves. The lunar influence exerts a strong impact on your body fluids and if you have kidney discomforts you will recover soon.

The family, home, friends and work come together today consuming your free time. If you were thinking about enjoying your Saturday quietly at home it will be quite difficult for you. You will have to take measures so that they do not bother you and you can rest as you wish.

Money and Luck
The day is going to bring you economic surprises. A much anticipated news comes to your ears and although initially it seems too good to be real, you will realize that it is indeed happening and that you have started to move through a stage of economic development with money in your way.