Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 28th July 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 28th July 2018

Your intuition is in a high tone. Are you interested in a specific person and have not dared to declare your love? Today is the time. You have a good energy wave in your favor and you can achieve much if you decide to take the first step this weekend.

You will not regret. Although something has not gone as you wish, today you feel inspired and happy Saturday, able to start a new love life. If you had a sentimental problem the conflicts are left behind and you open yourself to new possibilities. You will succeed if you concentrate and do not let yourself be manipulated by hidden enemies.capricorn daily horoscope saturday 28th july 2018

Perhaps you face a disappointment or disappointment, loving or sentimental. You are on a positive path for your emotional recovery, but do not try to cling to the first thing you find to try to forget a past love.

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Your energy potential is well supported and you know no limits. You can do everything that you have planned for this day, but do not overdo it or exaggerate, because if you want to do something that requires more time in an hour, you could be harmed.

The energies that come from the planetary combinations of your regent will help you to better understand the changes and transformations that you must do in your working life to take advantage of the job opportunities available.

Money and Luck
Combine your creativity with efficiency and transform your reality into something different. If you need money urgently check all your contacts, do what is necessary to solve the problem, but do not get overwhelmed because it would make everything worse