Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th June 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th June 2019

Unemployed? You may not find the right job yet, but you will not be short of occupation these days. Your enthusiasm should never wane even if you do not feel completely well because your mental attitude is reflected in your physical conditions. Do not worry though there are reasons for it in your work, if situations of job instability have occurred.

You are intuitive and you will always know how to do what best suits you and nothing will take you by surprise. You will hear certain news or comments that may disturb you related to the people you love. Keep your impulses and opinions under control until it is time to express them and you will avoid problems. Not everything that reaches your ears has to be necessarily true, and with five retrograde planets the environment usually gets very hot.capricorn daily horoscope today saturday 29th june 2019

Do not take anything surprising today as definitive in love. Your attitude will be what will allow you to turn any sad or unfortunate circumstance into a surmountable experience. If you project optimistically everything will be overcome.

Trust more in the capabilities of your body and let them act. It is said that a disease is a guest not invited to the organism and we can eliminate it if we do not feed it with our worries. Rest more and enjoy life.

This is a great day to think about doing something new in your job or to promote yourself properly in your job. You find a pleasant activity that also gives you money to carry out your projects and ideas.

Money and Luck
You feel urged to spend and this trend could put you in a disadvantageous economic situation filling you with debts. Do not be tempted and before investing your money in something unproductive, study your needs.