Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 31st October 2020

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 31st October 2020

You wonder why everyone seems to be so touchy when for you this is a normal day. Try to be understanding with those who don’t seem as happy as you. If you want people to trust you, you must prove to them that you can place yourself on the same level. Shows a greater understanding of the needs of others.

You have to keep your promises to the end dear. Your sisters are counting on you for grandmother’s party, the turkey stuffing, or little Nicolas’ super chocolate cake … Don’t try to slip away at the last moment, it won’t work! Go out! At work! There are only a few days left before D-Day when you will have to show your talents to your loved ones. Your family is counting on you, don’t disappoint them.capricorn daily horoscope 31st october 2020

You may have planned a great night out with friends or your partner, but due to forces beyond your control, you may need to postpone the plans. It will be a frustrating and great disappointment, but it is not much you can do. Just plan something different for today. The most advisable thing would be that you go out to distract yourself. Go alone to the movies or the theater, or stay home and watch a movie or listen to music and dance.

Love, more love, still love! You might think, looking at you live for two weeks, that you are really bitten right now! And, likely, you are indeed deliciously immersed in a bubble of emotions and sensations which draw their strength from a renewed passion. Let yourself be carried away by this flow of carelessness without asking any questions. The answers will flow in on their own as the day progresses.

The day could prove to be delicate today on the sentimental level. You will feel the noxious influx of Mars entering the IV house and bringing in its procession an atmosphere conducive to disillusion and betrayal. If you are in a relationship, a friend of yours is about to bring to your attention something that will make you doubt the future of your relationship. Singles are likely to experience deep disillusionment and should not be discouraged because the future holds great surprises in store for them.

Some pretty boring and mundane tasks, perhaps paper-related, can take up a lot of your day today. You may be easily distracted and tempted to put everything aside and do something more interesting, but don’t fall into that trap. You probably want the hit streak to continue, so it’s best to get rid of all that boring work and then move on to the more entertaining. Do not give up!

Try to spend time with coworkers or friends today. A brunch with people you love will do you the greatest good! You need to breathe a little, a change of air, to free yourself from the weight of your responsibilities … The planets of the day offer you this opportunity, take advantage of it, and make “social”!

Money and Luck
You could be worried about your savings. You are generous and spontaneous. It’s easy for you to invite your sweethearts to dinner or give gifts. Sometimes you don’t realize how much money you are spending! Maybe it’s time to put together a new budget. You can leave space for fun. But don’t sacrifice rent, car, or electricity for a night out. Capricorn Luck Today

The current atmosphere pushes you to internalize. You “clean up” a lot of things from the past: debts, complexes, career counseling. This day will help you inspect yourself with the most optimistic attitude. But do not launch into the realization of your projects yet. You still have to “clean up” the land.

A meeting with a Pisces prompts you to wonder about your professional orientation. You feel cramped in your current job and have more creative desires. Your future may well be in the arts. You are good at conveying your emotions and it seems like you can’t contain this creative flow. You still lack the self-confidence to launch yourself body and soul into this new challenge, but the influence of Neptune will be decisive in helping you leap.

Family and Friends
Everything is very calm at home. This is almost worrying for you who are used to the noise. Take the time to play a board game with your children, for example, or to meet your parents for lunch. Also, relationships with your best friends will be a bit strained. Do not judge their decisions too quickly and do not break the bonds that have united you for so many years. You need to put water in your wine and you will be perfectly successful in handling the situation, as usual.

Today you should put all your energy to make arrangements at home. Today you feel very skilled, ready to take the hammer. You may decide to do some small remodeling. Or you decide to touch up that old piece of furniture that needs to be restored. You’ll feel good as you solve a home problem today and find a way to improve the appearance of your space.

You should literally be bursting with energy. Almost too much! Planetary energies nurture and stimulate you, but you may find it difficult to channel this excess of dynamism. You might get nervous and restless and do something that you later regret. Try to play sports, it’s still the best way not to fall victim to your overflows!

As far as your health is concerned, you are prone to fatigue and you feel a little slack. It is probably a protein deficiency in your diet. Catch up with balanced meals throughout the day. The foods highest in protein include dairy products and dried fruits. Where to find it? Nothing easier! An oriental restaurant for lunch with, for example, a scented tagine to whet your appetite and a good cake for dessert.

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