Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

New economic and labor interests around you arise associated with trips or projects that are about to materialize in a very productive way for you in this planetary cycle in which you cause a strong impact and a captivating first impression in a casual encounter. Perhaps a friendship arises which in a short time translates into romance.

In the middle of a relationship? This is your revitalization cycle. Alone, or alone? Then there will be an adventure. If you are waiting for an important work meeting, you will go very well, if you prepare properly, and in that way, you will neutralize the retrograde effluvium of your ruler and Mercury.

Your level of communication is high right now. Do not be impatient if something was misinterpreted in the past and due to a pointless discussion someone dear moved away from you. Now, this weekend, you have all the elements to get out of the difficulties.

If you feel any disorder such as severe headaches, dizziness and other symptoms related to pregnancy, it can be treated that you are pregnant or have a blood pressure problem. If in doubt, visit your doctor.

Your intuition is very clear today. If your inner voice recommends that you not insist on a job request, you should listen carefully. It is not convenient to rush anything that can be done later and at the moment your work requires a lot of emotional stability.

Money and Luck
Be careful with the papers. Review all the details and the fine print in an employment contract. You know what you want and you don’t have to rush to sign something unconvincing. When there are promises of money you must have everything written legally.


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