Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 5th January 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 5th January 2019

During this astral stage unforeseen expenses will arise, invitations that you must decline if they do not suit you, and new circumstances in which your intelligence and ability to forget the past, forgive and get ahead in everything will be put to the test.

Your sentimental and affective relationships will be consolidated as you focus more on the intentions of that person and not so much on what he says, promises or boasts. This birthday period will be unique and will make the difference that you expected so much.capricorn daily horoscope today saturday 5th january 2019

If nostalgia invades you and you feel something gray or saddened do not let those depressing emotions prevent you from enjoying happiness. A season of reconciliation, novel encounters and new occasions to explore your loving and romance intimacy begins for you. Enjoy it.

Take advantage of your free time studying something that stimulates you, or doing some type of manual work that helps you to develop your muscular coordination better. Your health is strengthened when your nervous system is busy with something useful.

Work and Career
You are taking the first steps in an ascending cycle that will greatly facilitate your promotion or job promotion, or finding a job if you find yourself in a delicate situation regarding your job. Happily the unfavorable circumstances are changing and everything revolves in a positive aspect for you in this stage of Capricorn birthday.

Money and Luck
Start your projects because in this month of January you have many creative ideas, but you dilute yourself by wanting to do different activities simultaneously. Apply your creativity and ingenuity in one direction and you will see how in a short time you are reaping what you sow now.

By Mary Emma

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