Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 11th October 2020

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 11th October 2020

An inspiring Sunday, Capricorn. The lesson of your ruler, Saturn, direct is clear. It is better to be silent than to say something reckless, and good judgment prevails today because at your work or in your neighborhood a veritable wave of rumors, gossip and intrigue are about to break out, in which you would be involved if you echo those murmurs. Fortunately, you are prudent and you know when to speak and when to be silent.

Confidence will have a positive effect in the future and you will be able to remove yourself from an inconvenient business in time. Guide yourself by your sixth sense and your economic intuition and you will see how you can solve a money problem that was worrying you. Today you will not have much desire to work, which does not mean that you are lazy. In fact, chances are you’ve been doing so much lately that you now feel tired and drained. You can’t run at top speed all the time. You need to find a way to add more rest to the routine, to be able to relax and recharge.capricorn daily horoscope 11th october 2020

The Draconids burst into your sentimental reality with a surprising tone this Sunday. An invitation to a wedding, baptism, or similar event puts you in contact with someone who you find very changed and awakens loving feelings in you. If the two of you are single there is no reason to wait any longer, but if you are committed, beware of jealousy and compromising scenes because sometimes the appearances are worse than the realities. You are very sensitive. Even after many years of living together, you still feel butterflies deep in your stomach. With your spouse, you are on the same footing and this creates an extraordinary bond. If you are single, you will tend to imagine the future from the first kiss. However, take your time to build up some confidence. “Love is the strongest of all passions: it attacks both the head, the heart, and the body.”

A crush or co-worker could bring you an opportunity for advancement today. You may decide to design or execute highly relevant legal documents for the future. There is the possibility of taking a trip. In love, everything seems promising. The confidence and enthusiasm that illuminate your face can be extraordinarily attractive to both your partner and strangers. In the evening: Host an intimate party! Saturn can play tricks on you! Misunderstandings are possible as a couple, without serious if your understanding is solid, but which may degenerate quickly if you or your spouse play the infidels. Single, a remarkable day to get engaged, get married, meet your double, your complement, build your life on solid ground, experience moments of intense amorous jubilation with a certain gravity.

Articulate your Sunday in such a way that you can have fun, eat and rest. If you overreach, you will not be able to enjoy this day well and you would not be in the best condition to face your daily activities. The measure is your treasure, and you know it well. Today you will look especially beautiful, but you will feel that it is in vain since your lover is not there to appreciate it. Get happy! It will only be for a few days and by then you will still look pretty. Try to keep yourself busy, preferably doing something you like, this way your enthusiasm will enhance your beauty. Your friend will not be absent forever. That only seems to you.

No, you don’t look like a weather vane. You just do not manage to properly balance your reactions to the trials that punctuate your existence. Far from stopping, these are the direct result of your actions. So as not to suffer them head-on, learn to fight against these old anxieties. But above all, whatever happens, take responsibility for the consequences. Do not give up. Not now. It is never too late to turn the tide in its favor. Courage. Don’t count on Uranus to give you boundless vitality. You may have to do more work. Even if all goes well, don’t overexert yourself, because your resistance has limits that it would be dangerous to exceed. Get rest before you feel tired.

The square of your ruler Saturn with the Sun acts as a motor that tells you the importance of the organization. This week you will have many tasks and new responsibilities in front of you so you must be very analytical and objective before launching into a new job assignment. Don’t hesitate if it’s taking a project or making plans today. Your organizational skills will be supplemented with extra energy putting together a perfect recipe to handle practically anything.

Make sure to write down your goals and plans on paper or on the computer to help you stay focused. If you decide to clean up today, get rid of the things you never use. Consider donating them, as someone could put them to good use. Your relations with your professional entourage will be difficult. You will need to be recognized, admired. The very clear hostility shown by some of your coworkers will affect you a lot.

Money and Luck
Something that is of no use to you suddenly becomes a valuable object and by selling it you receive money. Check your trunks and if you have stored things that have no sentimental or practical value for you, it is time to take advantage of them. As you think about moving forward with revolutionary new ideas, something is holding you back from putting them into practice. Perhaps an inner voice is telling you to slow down and not be too quick to accept and incorporate things into your life just because they are new. Try to balance these two points of view. Capricorn Luck Today

This aspect of Jupiter prompts you to bluff. Sometimes a little lie can be beneficial because it can open doors hitherto inaccessible. Unfortunately, in your case, your fault will quickly be exposed and you will pay a heavy price. Did you lie on your CV, to your tax office, or your boss? Ouch, here you are “toasted”, in the broadest sense of the term. Your professional network does not take long to discover your deception, you will pay the cost of a tax adjustment or even the loss of your job. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Do not easily open your purse and buy only what is essential. Resist the urge to always make new material acquisitions. “If you buy what is superfluous, you will soon sell what is needed”.

Family and Friends
Always available to your friends, you have been able to reach out and soothe their torments. Today, you in turn need help. Proud by nature, you don’t dare to attract too much attention. Moreover, you want to solve your own problems with total autonomy.

However, despite you, this little test will allow us to sort it out. It is often said that friendship is the setting of the heart. It’s up to you to distinctly separate the precious stones from the worthless junk. Encouraged by Venus, you will strive to create a festive atmosphere in your home. You will be much more expansive than usual. Your relationship with your spouse and your children will be very cheerful, very relaxed.

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