Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 20th January 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 20th January 2019

You have completed your total birthday cycle, Capricorn, you have begun your new year of life and now you are in a receptive tone in which there will be nothing that causes you uneasiness because your empathic faculty is on the rise, that is, you notice immediately after the foreign intentions.

This is great especially if you have to be present at a work meeting soon or you should be in front of a person who represents for you something more than a passing interest which can turn into a more serious relationship, from the sentimental point of view. Remember that you are going through the Saturn cycle in your sign, the famous return that occurs every 30 years.capricorn daily horoscope today sunday 20th january 2019

What you plan to do with that person will be defined very soon. Maybe you have been restless filling your head with ideas that do not correspond with reality. It is time to put your feet on the ground to not let a suspicion spoil your life.

There is a strong planetary tendency to try to solve everything in a day, and you must be careful because this precipitation can lead you to act carelessly and suffer some kind of fall, hit or slip that could injure you. Keep an eye out!

Work and Career
A sudden change in your work style can generate worries and fears in many employees. Do not let yourself be enveloped by that vibration of insecurity and you will see how in a few days everything returns to its normal state and you will feel better.

Money and Luck
Do you have economic difficulties? Little by little you will go out of your difficulties, paying your debts and catching up on your affairs. In a short time you will be at a level that will give you the necessary security. A friendly person approaches you with a good project.

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