Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 21st February 2021

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 21st February 2021

With the imminent announcement of the new moon in your zodiacal day, the moment of recovery and significant decisions arrived because the Moon is passing through a sign of the water element, and the cosmic effluvium that surrounds you is intense, direct, positive. Your fantasies are very high and will motivate you to do daring things, but on the other hand to be more jealous than other times. Do not believe everything you hear, particularly if it is rumors related to your partner or who you are romantically interested in.

Today there will be a lot of unexpected communication, but be careful who you trust. There’s a fantasy factor creeping into the picture. This could cause some upheavals in your world if you automatically accept everything as they tell you. Before you act be sure to check your sources at least twice. You will do much better if you are prepared for the worst.capricorn daily horoscope 21st february 2021

This weekend under the effluvium of the Moon, new emotional and social horizons are urging within your existential reality. Did you think things were going to get complicated? Set aside time to share more intimate time with that person you love and dare to be happy.

You could be surrounded by a lot of feminine energy. Maybe you are going to visit your mother or sister. Or maybe spend time with your partner and their friends. You will enjoy absorbing the emotional and conversational energy that the women in your life transmit. You may be inspired to be more outgoing. Maybe you have some funny anecdotes that you would like to share with these ladies.

Captive of Mars, you roar more than you express yourself. You have to give in in front of you at all points and sometimes even in public. A bit tyrannical, you rejoice in being able to make your loved one lose face at any time, according to your mood. This game, if it is, is dangerous, and also know that it amuses only you. Single, your requirements are reaching new heights, it is no longer seduction, it is a real casting that you lead. And it is not easy going for your suitors.

Good weekend for Capricorns who suffer from disorders associated with the digestive tract since now you are very well supported in that sense and you will notice the best that you feel about it.

Today a great force that demands your attention will challenge you emotionally. And your hyper-perception of each situation is going to drive you a little crazy. Maybe you just need to tone things down a bit and relax. Enjoy the fun-loving energy of the day instead of questioning it. The more you loosen up and explore, the better you will feel.

You feel a little tight in your jeans … It’s time to lose a kilogram or two but without putting any pressure on yourself. We don’t have to feel guilty for giving up for a moment. Simply replace croissants and other pastries with a bowl of fruit muesli with cottage cheese. A varied, healthy, and balanced diet and a few sports sessions (swimming, walking, or cycling) will help you eliminate this small bead.

Innovative and creative works are highly favored in this cycle and the synodic month that is beginning. Give free rein to your expressions and you will see how you manage to do something different in your job that accentuates your value among your co-workers and elevates your prestige.

Today your sense of humor will be very good. Just make sure the others feel that way too! While you may feel a little naughty, even crazy, others around you may be overly serious. You better make sure you finish your obligations at work. If your boss thinks you’re joking a lot, there may be trouble. But don’t be afraid to share your jokes. You will infect others!

Money and Luck
New economic horizons are beginning to appear in your life. Perhaps it is a marriage, a business association, or a new situation caused by chance where there is a good chance of making money sooner than you thought. Capricorn Luck Today

The bad news about your financial situation isn’t as bad as it first seemed. Even so, it leaves you baffled. Before panicking, double-check the information. Perhaps the computer made a mistake or the bank teller got confused. You will have to fix some red tape, but once you do, you will feel relieved.

Notice all the clumsy and the heads in the air. A great moment of solitude awaits you in your professional environment. To spare your ego trauma, or to avoid forging an unflattering reputation, stay alert. Daydreaming and inattention will be your worst enemies. Whatever happens in the end, rest assured, your potential awkwardness will be received in the joke and sympathy of your professional relationships. Nothing that will require you to retrain in another career!

Family and Friends
Your professional life takes up too much of your mind. If you have children, you may miss important events in their life. Take more interest in their activities and note their requirements. If you forget something, they will blame you a lot. You are very demanding of your friends. Eternal dissatisfied, you often feel abandoned, disappointed at the lack of consideration given to your person. They will never be able to offer you as much as you expect.

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