Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 28th April 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 28th April 2019

You are in a process of sentimental renewal and if you lost a love, you recover. Do not lace your heart with sad ideas that lead to nothing and you will remake your life.

Remember, Capricorn, that you are now in the long process of the return of Saturn that occurs every 30 years, and in this cycle, precisely, retrograde, hence you are assaulted by certain ideas that at other times would not have passed through your mind. As you face your fears and stand bravely in the face of difficulties, you will be able to overcome them.capricorn daily horoscope today Sunday 28th april 2019

In these moments you manage to end a negative relationship that has only caused you headaches and emotional torments. Take everything as the experiences and lessons of the transit of Saturn because in this stage are the relationships that are worthwhile, stable and healthy and leave the one that already fulfilled its part in the history of your life.

Do not give up if you notice that some treatment does not work. The chances of recovery are high if you follow your plans and therapies consistently and do not jump from one method to another or constantly change your doctor or health expert.

Unemployed? If you still do not get the job you want, do not waste your time regretting it. Use this forced rest doing something useful in your home like fixing domestic flaws, painting the house, checking your closets, taking care of the garden or preparing your clothes for the coming week.

Money and Luck
You are well supported in chance. If you have planned to attend a casino or place where there are legal games you will have an excellent opportunity to make money. Follow your intuitions and you will have a touch of fortune that will increase your income.

By Mary Emma

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