Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 7th March 2021

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 7th March 2021

This Sunday has a singular relevance within your Capricorn sign because in three days Mercury will enter directly and combine its energy with that of the planets that are now passing through your sign. Today is your zodiacal day, and from early on you will feel motivated to do many things that you have been putting off, but that in this month of the equinox you must execute so that when the new zodiacal year begins in several days you will be already in the place where you should be, by your capacity and conditions.

You control your emotions admirably. This makes you more clairvoyant in front of those around you. Despite the intense activity, you will hold on. Your form is excellent! You do, however, need to exert yourself. A little sport would do you good. Today to clear your head you play sports, it works pretty well. You have to bet everything on the rest of the body and mind. It is by giving yourself breaks that you recover faster. You are in a great time to connect with other people at all levels. The meetings you have today will be very beneficial for your future. In an outing or meeting of friends, you can meet a person who wants to integrate into their business or who offers you a collaboration or a job.capricorn daily horoscope 7th march 2021

Now is the time to take off, life is bringing it to you on a platter. Take this opportunity into account and don’t let it pass you by. In fact, they might have offered you the same thing a while ago, but you didn’t stop getting the attention you should have. Also in the sentimental field, you are letting go of a person who has set his eyes on you and is someone to your liking. Take a look around you very carefully and you will know who it is.

If something worries you and you feel it as a lump in your throat because you think that person does not love you or is being unfaithful, do not remain silent and put everything on the table, in the best direct way of your sign, but without forgetting the delicacy and the empathy that should always prevail in a loving relationship.

Mercury, exerting its influence on your love sector, will have a beneficial influence on your married life. With the help of its beneficial influxes, this day will be lived in joy and harmony with your spouse or partner. By diligently maintaining the fire of love that animates you, you will multiply your chances of happiness to two per thousand! Single, given the present astral configuration, there will be love, complicity, tenderness, a wonderful understanding with the being you love or that you will meet during this day.

Today, it is as if you saw life in pink. Everything seems to smile at you, everything around you is beautiful and clear. You don’t ask yourself any questions, you let events come to you. You love others! As a couple: Today, together, you are happy, you keep others away. You have only one desire, that of finding yourself just the two of you. As if you were alone in the world. Indulge yourself since you are sufficient for yourself. Single: Maybe still single but happy! The meetings you make bring you good humor and joy. Your wildest dreams may well come true. The beneficial influence of the stars gives you energy.

If you are having difficulties with your digestion, do not put it aside and consult your doctor because prevention is the best medicine and a sign of indisposition can be the key to help you maintain your health.

You are enthusiastic and you apply yourself to organize your free time to engage in activities that make you feel good. You need rhythm and space. So you don’t hesitate to put on your sneakers for jogging or walks in the great outdoors.

Pluto and Saturn could well scare you. But it will be up to you to learn how to manage this worry, especially since it is most often without any real basis. The method? Relax with yoga or relaxation therapy sessions. It is very effective, you will see! And if the routine weighs you down, you get bored, try something new. Change your route to go to work, change your look or setting: to cheer up morale, we haven’t found better!

This Sunday will be relatively quiet, and that will depend a lot on how you have organized yourself. Monday will open a busy week in which you will have to perform tasks that you are not used to.

Mars in this aspect will increase your sense of competition and your desire to succeed. You will be very daring in the work and take bold initiatives. Success will be yours, soon.

Everything that is happening today makes you freer and more compassionate with yourself. You discover new professional options that arise in your social activities.

Money and Luck
I have been announcing the possibility of receiving an extra income for days and that reality is already arriving because during this first fortnight of March, and as the spring-autumn equinox approaches, that good omen will materialize. Capricorn Luck Today

You fully and openly express your talents and potentials and get the rewards. Take advantage of the good flows that promote your material development to invest perhaps more than to spend lavishly.

Pluto badly placed in your sky will blow you bad ideas. Even if you have expenses to do, try to keep your purchases to a minimum, otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to find your balance again.

Family and Friends
The area of your birth chart related to the family will not be influenced by any major planet. Family life will therefore be easy and peaceful. Just watch out for the influence of the Moon in unfavorable aspects, which will sometimes put the older members of the household in a bad mood.

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