Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 14th July 2022

Pluto from your house 1 is an energy of a lot of transformation and very strong interaction that you have to manage properly to change your personality in order to improve your life and your social relationships that you may have and thus grow and mature effectively.

Neptune from your 3rd house will allow you to have a very strong union between what you are going to express and your intuition; with this you will be able to communicate everything you want with the great advice and warning of your intuition; This could help you avoid making bad decisions and express yourself appropriately depending on who you meet.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 4th August 2022

Your 7th house has the vital energy of the Sun and the wide range of communications of Mercury; therefore you will be able to have excellent approaches and talks with your partner and this creates strong affective ties that will be very difficult to break over time.

Take advantage of the energy of Fortune from your 11th house and seek to create good relationships in your clubs and social associations that you attend; Well, you could have recognition or good news in these groups and thereby improve your social activity in your life.

Today is a good day to jump into the fray and show off to others. Show who rules in the jungle. You must take the reins and it is not in your best interest to evade this responsibility. On a day like today, your warrior instincts are likely to be very strong, so don’t hesitate for a second. Have courage and courage in all situations.

Right now your “better half” or a close friend needs your support, not a lecture. Let him know that you are available to listen and help him in any way he needs, but don’t smother him with too much kindness. He will come to you when he feels ready. Meanwhile, he attends to your physical needs. After all, absence does not make one more loving.

You have very original and fresh plans that your being wishes and implores to be able to materialize since Uranus from your 5th house affects you in this way; activate yourself and put those plans in motion otherwise you will feel very discouraged and with negative emotions with you; dare and give value to your passions.

Today you will not be able to get the romantic ideas out of your head. You must recognize that this has been a year full of highlights for you and that things are at a turning point again. There are prolonged cycles that are in a critical stage and you must choose carefully where you will put your energy. If your mind remains focused on romance and seduction, you run the risk of overlooking other very important aspects of your life.

Control the constant flow of thoughts and ideas or else you could get carried away by some of them and if they are of negative energy you could be attracting some disease derived from it; since Gemini connects with your mind and if you do not reinforce and control it, you could be a victim of it.

Today you will feel torn between your internal desires and external demands. As much as you want to stay in bed with the covers up to your chin, the world is crying out for your attention. Your phone rings endlessly. Just for today, you wish everyone would go away. Unfortunately, there is no such luck. Promise yourself that you’ll treat yourself to a hot bath or a nice shower when you get home. Luckily, no one will come knocking on your door!

Create good relationships between your clients, your co-workers, bosses, suppliers, etc; Well, that will help you to improve the scope of work that you have and that are not only labor relations; but that friendships or even romances can arise from there, thanks to the energy of Gemini.

Today you will be asked to act in different fields. People might pull you in all directions to get you to be with them and join in their world of fun and merriment. Also today there may be many projects capturing your attention: you feel the conflict of not knowing which ones to dedicate your energy to. Some friction can arise when you find yourself walking out of one situation to participate in another.

Money and Luck
Saturn and Jupiter from your house 2 help you so that your hard and responsible work can have the profits and benign results that you are looking for; so you can improve your income as long as you have done the homework of making an effort and working hard.

You want changes, it is evident. But these changes will not come alone. You are going to have to be the engine or the catalyst for these changes. Your passive attitude of seeing things will not be of much use to you. Shake yourself up a bit and stop with that mania of letting others decide for you. Without having to become a despot you can assert your ideas.

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