Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 16th November 2017

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 16th November 2017

Before signing a legal paper, committing yourself to a new job or entering into some kind of arrangement or sentimental discussion, analyze very well the steps you are going to take since during this cycle there is a complicated high aspect of your ruler, the planet Saturn in transit through the fire element, which tends to cause certain misunderstandings or delays.

This Thursday, November 16, all immersed in your thoughts and dreams, you will be well inspired to advance in your achievements. You spend too much and fatigue can play tricks on you. Take the time to relax in solitude. You are in a somewhat undecided tone and this can cause you some emotional instability. Do not get carried away by appearances, trust your experience and your great natural intelligence. This day will be beneficial for personal check-ups. You will be happy to specialize more.capricorn daily horoscope of 16th november 2017

Capricorn Love and Daily Health Horoscope Today Thursday 16th November 2017

Capricorn Love Today
Sentimental difficulties? Act with the tenacity and determination that characterizes you when you propose, Capricorn! Your way of focusing reality and focusing on what is really important will attract happiness to you. This day will be strong in emotions, thanks to a meeting after a period of separation, to contact that you did not expect any more or more simply to relational opening unprecedented with your partner.

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Capricorn Health Today
You are in a transitory stage in your life that can cause insomnia. Combine it naturally, with a walk before going to bed or a glass of warm milk. Avoid sleeping pills, which usually cause habits. There is tension in the air and it does not really suit you but you can still take advantage of the situation to advance in physical activities and intense. You will not have any more trouble sleeping: if your day is full, you will enjoy a healthy tiredness.

Capricorn Work and Daily Luck Horoscope Today Thursday 16th November 2017

Capricorn Work Today
Attentive to changes. Possibly during these next days, you find yourself in the middle of a very special work situation in which your presence of mind, disposition for work and your personal qualities will help you to get ahead of a problem of money or legal in it, Capricorn. You will train your professional entourage in an extremely positive dynamic today.
Passionflower, the remedy for your insomnia. Everything is going faster today and you will have to adapt. Do not try to impose rigidity without efficiency, avoid dangerous work and protect yourself as much as possible. Pay particular attention to your head and, if necessary, do not forget your helmet.

Capricorn Money Today
Trust your hunches. This day is one of economic movement and money, especially if you are waiting for a late payment or an account that seems never to arrive. At the time you need it most and you need it, that extra income will come and it will help you a lot. You will have an overwhelming energy that you could envy and these reactions will redouble your positive efforts. Do not hold on to your positions, even if, objectively, they seem excellent. a good compromise is better than an explosion of individualism! Put the forms in it, before your interlocutors turn and things stop permanently!