Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st November 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st November 2018

This Thursday moves favorable energies in your economic life especially if you have to make a trip in a few days. Do not worry about the things you still have to solve because the solutions come to your life quickly. Prepare. Your lifelong professional dream is about to become reality. Your first reaction will be disbelief because you are afraid of disappointment. Do not fall into the trap, as this will generate negative energy that could be an obstacle for you. It has taken a lot of effort to get where you are, and this is just one more step. Accept and thank the congratulations of others and move on.

There is good news for the natives of Capricorn concerned about sentimental issues because as of this week an attractive charisma surrounds you and that person who has been dodging you or who you dodged joins you at the least expected moment and together they enjoy an end spectacular week.

An unexpected contact in a public place or a visit will allow you to relive an adventure from your past. If the memories are pleasant, follow them, if they inspire rejection, do not play the game and turn that chapter into the book of your love life. Act like what you are, a Capricorn. Did the subject of marriage arise in your talks with your better half? Today may sound fancy, but maybe it’s time to ask what you expect from this relationship. If it is marriage, you and your partner should evaluate the situation with sincerity and outline the way forward to build the future together. So do not worry so much! Arm yourself with courage and decide.

Never forget that your peace of mind determines your state of physical health. You do not lodge complicated problems that you can not solve because that situation would only cause you headaches. Try to rest and rest more. At some point during the day, will you have to deal with paperwork and paperwork of a financial nature? You are attracted to the idea of looking for an adventure, whether physical or romantic. You will be assaulted by the temptation to do some intense sport like canoeing or Nordic skiing or maybe you want to go to a meeting to make contacts, and why not a romantic relationship. Everything is possible. Beware! Have fun but act with caution.

Today, pleasure and work are held together and you can have both. Possibly you are being presented with a good opportunity to perform in an activity that you not only like, but also about money and status. Today the planets will create fun moments for you and your loved ones. You will want to leave work soon to attend a social event together. You will want to make yourself look at a party or musical concert. You will want to do something that departs from your routine. Think creatively, and try to do something special.

Money and Luck
Enjoy this opportunity to improve your economy by doing something different. You will be approached by people who will offer you good deals, which, if you attend well, could give you an advantage in your most urgent financial matters. Today you feel great enthusiasm, energy and satisfaction for having successfully completed a long-term goal. Maybe you’re already projecting into the future, formulating ideas for new initiatives and analyzing them with your friends. Group activities favor you because they give you the chance to meet new people. In the afternoon: Go see an exciting movie! A suspense would be ideal.

By Mary Emma

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