Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th September 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th September 2018

An exciting Thursday in love affairs because your intuition is helping you discover the most sensitive points of that person who is close to you. You are well on your way, Capricorn, and with the transit of the Moon to the air element you feel a kind of revitalizing sap in your mind and your body.

Take advantage of this influence to enjoy a fun sensual night. Now, in matters of work or money make sure you are following the proposed economic approaches properly because today you lean a bit to improvisation and dispersion. You could relegate something really important to the background.

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Very good day to help you solve some outstanding issue that has been gravitating in your mind during all this time causing anxiety and fear between you and another person. Speak frankly and you will have honest answers.

You have a good astrological position this Thursday that is very favorable to help you maintain your will if you are in the middle of a drastic weight loss treatment or have recently left the negative habit of smoking.

Fortunately the vibratory wave that exists today in your horoscope is highly positive for those who are unemployed or have recently suffered some loss of work. The news is good, so go forward with a lot of enthusiasm, Capricorn.

Money and Luck
Save in this cycle because in a short time there will be a magnificent opportunity to make an expensive investment and a good purchase. It is not the moment to throw oneself without thinking to the emotional economic adventures. Wait a bit and you’ll be right.