Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 23rd May 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 23rd May 2019

Fortunately, at this time you have the direct energy of Mercury, which strengthens your communication and helps you find solutions where other people see only problems and difficulties. This energy balances the balance that is somewhat unbalanced by the action of Saturn, your ruler, retrograde.

A small oversight can cause many headaches making you believe that things are more serious than they seem. Do not get carried away by the opinions of people who are reckless when it comes to resolving an unexpected situation, apply your intuition and experience, and you will be fine.capricorn daily horoscope today thursday 23rd may 2019

No discouragement or frustration if your partner forgot a date, birthday or anniversary because that does not necessarily indicate that you do not love much less. Because of those details and to turn a summer rain into a hurricane they spoil beautiful relationships. Listen to his explanations and enjoy the present, Capricorn.

By making light changes in your diet and feeding rationally changing a certain lifestyle that is causing disorders you will notice how you recover lost health. This new attitude will yield very positive results in general.

Your work life is entering a very positive stage and the astrological environment around you is harmonious with the influence of the Moon in an earth sign that contributes to the consolidation of your work matters. This day take advantage of it to put order in your agenda.

Money and Luck
A message, communication or news associated with a business that you thought was already lost will put you back on the road to success and you will succeed in bringing forward what seemed stagnant. Follow a hunch that now, with direct Mercury, can lead you to the place of money.

By Mary Emma

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