Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 24th October 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 24th October 2019

You do not have time to think about everything before acting, do not take risks, decide later! To be certain of choosing the right options, it would be wise to slow down the tempo and relieve tension through sporting activity.

You are more serene, you see more clearly what you need to achieve in the long run. You are naturally inclined to direct your family life towards more wisdom and harmony.capricorn daily horoscope 24th october 2019

The day promises to be hectic and the sky asks everyone to invest wholeheartedly in the action. The negotiations may be slow to conclude but will be substantive and will have excellent long-term effects!

For some natives living with two, the day may be difficult to bear. Couples who get along badly will indeed go through a crisis they will have a hard time getting out of. Some will go so far as to consider a break. Those who get along well will get away with no big problem.

Single, you are immersed in a new passion, and you are full of dreams and hopes. But be careful not to make too many ideas, you could fall from high. It’s a pity that life is not always a fairy tale!

The powerful impact of Jupiter will turn you into a real upstart. Why not? You will have all the assets to improve your professional situation; and if you finally give yourself pain, you should get fast and satisfying results.

Venus will inspire you to heal your look. You like playing so much. Know that you are never as seductive as when you are serene, relaxed, good in your skin. To fight against the stress that causes wrinkles, bags under the eyes, which weighs down the silhouette because of the excess of food swallowed by compensation, only one solution: do a lot of sport, preferably in the open air.

Money and Luck
The day will be dangerous and fraught financially. Imprudence, a lack of judgment, could lead to heavy losses. Bring your business as much attention as possible; control the management of your budget and the keeping of your books with the greatest severity. Capricorn Luck Today

Family and Friends
Important decisions about your family life and especially your children can be taken in favor of the good Neptunian influxes. You will know how to assume your responsibilities stoically.

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