Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 2nd May 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 2nd May 2019

Your psychic sense is sharp this Thursday as the Moon is already approaching your Capricorn sign which will happen tomorrow Thursday. Nobody can cheat you. Follow your hunches, in them you will find the solution to many questions that you are asking yourself in relation to a love or a job.

The morning hours bring unexpected changes in your plans for this coming weekend and you must be prepared for confrontation situations with in-laws, relatives or friends who will try to control your love life and criticize what you are doing. With your usual charisma and a sense of Capricorn order and discipline, you will get away with everything.capricorn daily horoscope today thursday 2nd may 2019

A pleasant surprise awaits you in a casual meeting, a short trip in which many pleasant things can happen. What you have been longing for is about to be translated into a beautiful reality. Do not worry, everything will be resolved.

Get some book, video or adequate information on meditation and yoga, and if there is somewhere near your house where you can practice these disciplines enroll because it will do you a lot of good to relax during this astral period.

Dodge insidious co-workers, gossips and provocateurs because their words could get you out of your emotional center and cause reactions that in the long run would only harm you. Get away from its negative influence especially now that you have retrograde Saturn and also Pluto both in your sign.

Money and Luck Today
There is a tendency to misjudge others on this day and this would be harmful if you are associated with others in a business and express your suspicions without taking into account the scope of your words. Watch your expressions and you will not lose money.

By Mary Emma

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