Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 20th October 2020

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 20th October 2020

Be very careful with the square of Saturn that is occurring today with the planet Mars! If you rush to judge the behavior of others, you would find yourself involved in a compromising situation, gossip, which is not convenient for you because you could easily err in your assessments. These Tuesday certain movements occur that strongly affect your Capricorn horoscope because they load you with a vital and active air that translates into an optimistic tone in everything you do. Do not be discouraged by unfounded suspicion and live intensely this week in front of you.

If you are already clear that you want to progress professionally, do not wait too long to make the important decision that this requires. Always look for a way to advance in this field and constantly improve yourself in what you do. It is the key to success. Still, you can be very satisfied with what you have achieved so far. Savor the accomplishments you have made up to this present moment. In love, if you are sentimentally free at the moment, there is someone who does not know you personally but who knows about you through third parties who has a great interest in an encounter with you. Maybe a friend has something to do with it. If you give him a date, it may not shock you at first, but then your opinion will change. Maybe it’s who you’ve been waiting for for a long time.capricorn daily horoscope 20th october 2020

Sextile of Venus, the planet of love, with your ruler Saturn. A favorable climate surrounds you to get closer to a person you love and with whom you fought. However, you must do everything you can to leave behind the unpleasant situations of the past and live intensely the reality that you now enjoy in your love life.

Your relationship with your spouse or partner will be of utmost importance. You will, more than ever, need to feel completely understood by the other. The slightest disagreement will hurt you deeply. Single, you will discover a new love that will seem more exhilarating to you than anything you have known before. However, the flame of this ardor will be brief. You will soon find yourself at the bottom of the wave!

Separated for several months now, loneliness weighs on you? The time has come for you to come out: change your routine, eliminate the harmful people around you, and above all believe in your chances. A visit to the hairdresser to change your hairstyle will do you the greatest good. A new hairstyle, for a new life! Yes, a meeting is looming on the horizon: why not the partner of a lifetime? As a couple, so far, so good, so far all has been going well: cultivate this happiness together!

If you feel somewhat physically unwell, do not worry because as the day passes you will recover, and by the afternoon you will be back in shape. This cycle should be used appropriately so as not to waste your energy. Your health is better than you think. You benefit from the resistance that makes you lift mountains – when you need to! It is a great privilege that however you do not always know how to appreciate it. If you believe that anything is allowed, you might have a nasty surprise just when you need to be in dazzling shape.

All is well on the health side! You benefit from a superb vitality and can say goodbye to the pushes of the bar in the middle of the afternoon. Use your dynamism by practicing a sport, even light such as walking. It will be beneficial for your mind and your physique, so do not deprive yourself of it. Combine this with a healthy and balanced diet and try to eat at set times to get your body used to it again.

You will be thinking a lot about your personal matters and this can make you somewhat distracted and distant in your Work causing mistakes. Leave all domestic problems at home and go to your job fresh this Tuesday. On the professional side, no more blocked situations and dead ends! You will be free to act as you wish, and you will be able to achieve your highest ambitions. You will be particularly motivated. This will allow you to reach consecration! You will finally get this job that you dreamed of for a long time while thinking it was inaccessible.

Money and Luck
Make it a point to save a little of what you are now spending on unnecessary purchases and thus, when your birthday cycle arrives at the end of December you will have an extra income in your favor. You will have some financial luck or, at the very least, you will not have financial difficulties to fear. But beware of the influence of Saturn: try to keep some savings in your bank account, it will do you a favor soon. Capricorn Luck Today

If we had to sum up your professional activity, the compliments would flow. From the secretary to the general manager, opinions are unanimous. Why not try to climb this level which makes you so want? You have all the skills you need to make it happen. Planning and organized, you have more than one tour in your briefcase. Go ahead, life goes by like a flash, you have to seize every opportunity as a gift and not as a burden.

Family and Friends
Under the impulse of Jupiter who arrives in your Heaven, you risk spending a day which you would have done well. A climate of tension reigns and you will have a hard time getting over it. You may feel isolated, misunderstood, and receive remarks from those close to you following a past event that you considered trivial but which was not perceived as such by members of your family sphere.

Don’t get confused and try to get your point across with a well-founded argument. Priority to family matters! You will spend your time keeping your home spotless and taking care of family finances.

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