Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 21st November 2017

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 21st November 2017

The direct influence of your ruler, the planet Saturn during this astral stage continues to attract luck and fortune to your life. You know how to be varied and creative when you propose it. Put those qualities to work in intimacy, in your love life, in your relationship. You feel a kind of internal revitalization that helps you to see life with more optimism, confidence, and security everything that surrounds you, more according to your lifestyle. You will see how many difficult problems begin to be solved satisfactorily.

Venus in this aspect suggests harmonious relationships with your loved ones, both with your parents and with your children. Think to be more flexible. If you are a man or a woman, it is the feminine relations that will present for you today the greatest interest. This phenomenon will be due to Venus who, well looked after, will exalt the eternal feminine. Oh, I wish I had the privilege of being a woman! But I wonder if women themselves can appreciate their own femininity.capricorn daily horoscope 21st november 2017

Capricorn Love Daily Horoscope today 21st November 2017
If you were away from a loved one, this cycle that you are living will bring you closer to love and will transform everything positively. The agreement will be good with the spouse or partner, who will admirably be tolerant and will pass his wishes after yours. Make some efforts towards the other, and have these little touches that are so much fun. Always remember that love and affection are not one-way roads. Singles, you will wreak havoc, especially in your professional environment. Moreover, you will concoct an opportunity where work and pleasure will get along well.

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Capricorn Health Daily Horoscope today 21st November 2017
It is not enough to think and desire, but it is essential to move from theory to practice. Do not lose weight reading diet books, or strengthen the body watching others do exercises. Put hands to work and you will not regret it. With this aspect of Saturn, you can not say that you will hold a dazzling form. Nothing serious, apparently. But under the influence of this planet, you will feel a little petty. Do not be imprudent, because your body is less resistant, you may be more receptive to environmental viruses. As a preventive measure, why not take a vitamin cure or a suitable homeopathic treatment?

Capricorn Work Daily Horoscope today 21st November 2017
Maybe you have to face one of those cyclical changes that arise sporadically in the economy. You will go out very well of everything because you are very intuitive and with your cycle of transformation at the doors. With these astral aspects, to you professional expansion! Certainly, you will still have to cultivate patience at the beginning and face some delays and setbacks. But you will make up for it then. And then your progress will be dazzling.

Capricorn Money Daily Horoscope today 21st November 2017
Once you have proposed to do something do not jump from one place to another but keep a safe path and earn more money. Soon you will start to leave your debts and have what you need to normalize your budget. Beware of very risky financial transactions during this day. It’s the balance of your budget that could be compromised. It will be useful to give up important transactions and wait for better days.