Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 22nd October 2019

What you are missing right now is a touch of spontaneity to fan a loving flame in your relationship. Don’t shut your feelings, open your heart and say what you feel inside of you. Thus your love relationship will prosper.

The day will bring mixed feelings about a friend who could become a lover. Do not let loose your whims without first measuring the consequences that risky acts would have at this time. Follow your intuition.capricorn daily horoscope 22nd october 2019

Express yourself freely, with your heart in your hand, you will be understood, overcome difficulties and strengthen your love relationship. For you, Capricorn, the most important thing is the feeling and if your partner is not up to you, it will be time for drastic decisions.

Try to sweat as much as possible and of course, keep your water balance by drinking plenty of freshwaters. The best way to detoxify yourself naturally is through active exercise and proper eating.

Concentrate your energy at home and if you work at home, or from home, devote yourself to improving your environment and you will increase your productivity. A new computer is a good investment and could represent a source of income. Explore that route.

Money and Luck
If you feel compelled to play in a casino or participate in some kind of contest you must be very cautious and know how to retire at the time you have won enough, or start losing what you have won. Do not be guided by ambitions and do not rely excessively on chance.
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