Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 29th October 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 29th October 2019

Your economy receives unexpected income with the transit of the Moon by your opposite sign, and employment possibilities have arisen that until now were half-paralyzed, particularly if you are one of those who have lost their jobs in recent days. Solutions begin to be seen where there were only concerns.

In love, there will be positive changes that will allow you to better value the person who shares your life and relive a second chance or honeymoon. Do not postpone bliss, life goes on today and you must take advantage of every moment to be happy.capricorn daily horoscope 29th october 2019

When something does not go as planned, intelligence teaches us to adapt to new situations and this Tuesday you must do so by changing your strategy of conquest and acting sensibly in the face of a loving setback.

The stormy atmosphere is calm. You reconcile with your partner under the duvet or around a good meal. The end of hostilities is a sweet victory for you who finally feel understood. Alas, the fight has left little wounds in the big book of your love.

Single, you flee new encounters to focus on your well-being. A massage, a sauna or a cure will stretch out their soothing arms … Close your eyes, forget worries and hassle, relax.

Always take care of your diet and physical activity as your sign leans towards increases in blood pressure during this cycle and also to gain weight. A few kilos – or pounds – or more could cause you worries if you don’t take better care of yourself.

You will feel an Olympic form and will have an energy that you will have difficulty channeling. Indeed, Mercury enters the house IV and makes you enjoy its beneficial influxes. If you’re an accomplished sportsman, you could see your training pay off with performances that exceed your expectations.

Be careful, however, to be cautious and not to overestimate yourself, otherwise, you will have to face some unforeseen events that could ruin your ambitions.

What you do on this day is very well sponsored so don’t worry, keep going with your purposes and never let the frustrated, discouraged and complaining fill you with negative ideas and keep you from your work goals.

Money and Luck
Your intuitions will allow you to go to places where there are money and fortune. It is your day to make travel arrangements and also to put aside economic worries and succeed. Capricorn Luck Today

In the professional field, you benefit from the protection of the Sun: nothing seems to reach you today! A heated debate with your hierarchy? You manage it with all the necessary hindsight and courage.

A project that does not materialize? This is another motivation to start a new mission more rewarding. On your behalf, the prospects are just as good. To complete this idyllic picture, your finances will benefit from an unexpected boost. What more?

Family and Friends
Those who have brothers and sisters will feel a lack. Fraternity is a very important value for you. You will find solutions to find them as quickly as possible.

At home, the dialogue is going well. If you have children, they will want to spend time with you, a little more than usual. Creative hobbies, board games, walks in the park or sports activities, you will choose together what you say most. They will keep beautiful memories of these moments.

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