Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

On this day it is very important to connect with others in an empathic way. You are a sign that likes to project severity and discipline, but you also have a sensitive side that you don’t show much because you feel that it can be confused with weakness. There is great strength in being able to use that side you hide to better understand what others want. If you understand what motivates them, you can convince them to cooperate with you in any way.

With emotions running high, the best advice is to use them wisely. In the professional field, with the couple, with friends. If anyone can keep a cool head while connecting with others, it’s you. Saturn continues to advance in your 1st house of personality so you are very aware of your abilities and your flaws. For most of you, Mercury’s impact will be barely noticeable. Still, some natives may begin to go through a rather delicate period, especially with regard to their relations with their parents. There will be a lot of demands on both sides, and communication will go rather badly.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tue...
Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

The couple is in a very good moment, your challenge is to accept that and not compare it with your current state since that will only produce frustration on your part. We must be happy with the triumphs of others and not ask ourselves, why am I not the one who got it? In your case, success comes from your effort and how you fight to achieve things. So to have a peaceful relationship, we recommend that you allow yourself to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your partner succeed and be happy. That happiness is contagious and can help you a lot in your goals.

There is much desire to love on this day. The North Node increases what it touches and is found in this house. Venus, ruler of the sign of Taurus, is conjoined with Fortune in the 8th house, the house that speaks of the secret and hidden. Could it be that a relationship begins at work? A relationship that is private and hidden at the beginning. We must be prudent in how we connect with others and never be dishonest. Discretion may be necessary, but never lie.

Your heart will probably have to stay on the back burner today. This aspect of Uranus is likely to aggravate existing tensions and dissensions between you and your spouse or partner. You will therefore have to be patient. The solitaries of the sign will perhaps take advantage of the incandescent tensions of the day to treat themselves to a real fire of passion.

The Moon is in the house of illness so it can manifest as stomach upsets. Heartburn, reflux, these types of situations if they are not treated in time can later turn into more serious problems such as ulcers and hernias. It is important that if you start to have digestive problems you do not ignore them by taking a pill. Understand where they come from and the emotional causes that are causing it. Only then can you heal it.

The well-aspected planet Saturn will urge you to maintain your health in any way possible. She will make you understand viscerally that “there is no wealth preferable to the health of the body” (The Ecclesiastic). You should especially be wary of overwork; indeed, what is the use of securing your future if you leave your life to it!

The Moon is in the 6th house, of repetitive work. And if there is someone who can maintain activities without losing patience, it is you. Venus is the ruler of the house of professional recognition and is in contact with the Part of Fortune. This can be interpreted as a lucky situation that gives you recognition. But this would not happen if you were not all the time dedicated to doing things well in your work. The Moon may ask you to consider your search for recognition with more empathy and dedicate the right time to it and do not exaggerate.

Uranus will energize you and strengthen your interest in your work. Efficient, pragmatic and organized, you will have the best assets to carry out your projects. But beware of Neptune: it may make it difficult for you to concentrate on difficult issues or moments of doubt, even discouragement.

Money and Luck
For you, money comes through personal effort, you are very aware of what is required to obtain it and you have clear objectives on how to get there. This ensures steady income and one less worry for you. In general it is a good day economically. There is not much risk, everything is considered. You have to relax a bit, the tension keeps you productive, but little by little it wears you out inside. Give yourself permission to enjoy a little today.

Sensitive point: your finances! Take your precautions: tighten the purse strings, open a home savings plan, hide your gold bars at the bottom of the garden, in short, get ready to face a storm. Nothing says, however, that it will end in disaster. Some natives will manage to turn these financial adventures into triumph, but they will have to be far-sighted, cautious and perfectly organized.

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