Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 7th June 2022

You might make a new friend today. You’ve been very busy lately and your social life has taken a hit. Someone might offer to join you on an outing with friends, to which you will gladly respond. It is on this occasion that you will discover a multitude of points in common. And this friendship could span the years!

You will be very surprised to receive news from an old or current acquaintance who suddenly declares a certain passion for you. A letter or an e-mail will be the messengers of this tender confession! After the surprise and the first movement of vain satisfaction, you will have to answer it. So be careful with the choice of words, and above all before anything else, try to think carefully about what you want to say because you are walking through a minefield!

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tue...
Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Your sensitive and prudish heart does not predispose you to open and direct conversations with the cherished object. Know how to tame this shyness that paralyzes you as soon as it comes to tackling subjects affecting your affective life. It is essential to always keep a real dialogue alive: after the passion and the inflamed feelings from the start, it is this dialogue that will keep your relationship alive. So spare it!

You will be tempted today to daydream and postpone everything that bothers you to another day. In short, you will not be in a working mood! Try to stay focused on the little things that still need to be done. Organize a schedule that is not very restrictive and stick to it… If you fall asleep on your files, go out for a walk to take your mind off things. Why not go for a walk at lunchtime or invite a nice colleague to the local restaurant?

Use the spoken word as a support for your imagination and your artistic talents. You have a deep sense of word magic. Nature has put a poetic soul in you and you shouldn’t keep that to yourself. It is a quality that is not given to everyone, make your entourage benefit from it. Do you perhaps want to write a languorous letter to the man of your life? Free yourself, don’t hold back.

You will want to reach out to others, and why not discover someone you don’t know today! The astral energy of the day gives you unparalleled sociability. Enjoy! On your own, you will discuss rain and good weather or more exciting topics with your concierge, your boss, or the office switchboard operator. You will be surprised by your astonishing ease of conversing. Hope it lasts!

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