Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 8th October 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 8th October 2019

Everything is possible, and nothing becomes unrealizable when it is done in a measured and conscious way, very carefully so as not to upset the papers. Today is an interesting day to propose some kind of new relationship, maybe a courtship, a wedding or a marriage union.

However, as there are three retrograde planets in the horoscope, you must be careful, because if you get emotionally entangled with someone committed and with children the most affected person will be you. Take steps to do things well and not cause problems that would only entangle your love life.

In spite of everything, you will feel great relief after a conversation with your partner in which hidden resentments will be exposed which should be said to heal old wounds.

Combine your daily activities with exercise, adequate food and your mind rest. If you worry in an exaggerated way about everything that is difficult to solve right now you would endanger your health and emotional stability.

Your attention is focusing on details and this is very important. Now you take more seriously certain aspects of your personality that are significant in your work such as your public image and the way you dress.

Money and Luck
Do you see how everything has a solution? The money comes to your hands through a job you did a long time ago and so far they hadn’t paid you. You will receive it at the best time because the social obligations you are contracting will make you incur extra expenses. Check Capricorn Luck Today 8th October 2019