Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th November 2020

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th November 2020

Judging by the favorable positions that prevail in your horoscope today, a great end to the day can be predicted. Imagine, Capricorn, your ruler, directly in sextiles with Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune that are very auspicious aspects of 60 degrees in addition to a conjunction with Pluto, In front of you a new sentimental scenario is opening, something that inspires and helps you to see reality with a more sensitive angle and with greater internal perception, very sharp. In love, you receive great joy when you meet a person you love very much and have not seen for a long time. Very happy days await you. Before doing something impulsively, consult your intuition and act by weighing your material and emotional needs on a scale. Don’t overdo it and you will have good results.

This day will be quiet despite your apprehensions. Nothing stands in the way of you taking care of yourself! It is in moral relaxation that you will find the surest way to recharge your batteries today. Escape into the practice of an art. Good news, communication, and good relations are in the spotlight. Indeed, the current climate drives away tensions and encourages you to calm latent conflicts. You are less under pressure and ready to dialogue without causing a stir.capricorn daily horoscope 11th november 2020

Sextile of Mercury and Saturn one day before the transit of the planet of communications in front of the Sun! You will be able to easily solve your sentimental problems through words. Even those doubtful situations will be left behind. You find explanations for behaviors that are somewhat difficult to understand and you come out of a love conflict very well.

This day promises to be lively. You are faced with responsibilities and you make decisions in love. Stay clear in your head, directive but not too much! Heaven invites you to fully exploit your potential to benefit from it. Supported by the beautiful looking planets Venus and Mars, you will feel a powerful surge of passion for the man (or woman) in your life. The monotony and banality, which began to invade your married life, will be energetically swept away. Single, in general, the day seems favorable to declarations of love, to oaths of fidelity, to an engagement. However, for some natives of the second decan, it will be rather disappointing and in any case quite agitated. An old connection could resurface, but in this case, it would be to consume a final rupture.

There is a rising level within your biorhythm that will allow you to overcome recent health problems. If you have neglected and gained weight, make up your mind to make up for lost ground and get in shape these next few weeks before your birthday cycle begins on the peak day of December. You will need extra vitamin C to fight off the germs that threaten your slightly weakened body. Lemon is therefore highly recommended. This wonderful fruit is packed with vitamins, especially vitamin C. There are many ways to use it. A good grilled trout with almonds, drizzled with copious amounts of lemon juice: who would dare say that this is not a taste of paradise?

In this period of confinement, we are temporarily leaving aside the leisure section. Indeed, it does not seem responsible for us to encourage you to go out or to exercise a sport in a group. It’s a good time to read the books that are sleeping on your shelves, to rediscover board games with your family, to watch your favorite movies again, to bake or make crafts. Stay at home as much as possible, take care of yourself and others. Good luck to all!

For you, if you are a sales agent or you move in commercial areas, there is very good news because today your sales charisma is on the rise and you manage to sign juicy contracts, get good commissions and be successful in your efforts. Even if your current working conditions are far from satisfactory, avoid letting the prey go for the shade. It won’t be long before you bite your fingers! So, forget your intransigence, and be prepared to make concessions. It will be difficult for you, but you will still have to hold on.

For those who continue their professional activities: You work a lot, maybe even a little too much. Today, aspects drive you to strive for perfection. In fact, you are getting what you have been hoping for quite some time. This is the fair return on your investment.

Money and Luck
There is money in your horoscope associated with purchases abroad, import and export businesses, and everything related to the movement. A static and sedentary activity will not give you a fortune. You have to circulate and move much more, take advantage of the impulse that you will receive tomorrow when Mercury makes its transit in front of the solar disk. Capricorn Luck Today

In anticipation, you earn money quickly, the current period being favorable for the inflows of money, you will be able to grow. To obtain advantages, you set up negotiation techniques, it works pretty well! Beware of imprudence in pecuniary matters. You will not do well to listen to the advice of your loved ones during this day. Too bad if they reproach you for being too close to your pennies: it is you who will be right.

Family and Friends
You will be able to discuss certain family problems with your loved ones that deserve your attention. Enjoy it. Thanks to the good influx of Mercury, the discussions will not turn into an argument.

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