Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 12th June 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 12th June 2019

There is a sentimental return accompanied by the influence of the next moon to occur. Past situations are history. A feeling of confidence surrounds you and you feel calm and happy again in your relationship after having experienced an emotional storm.

Take it all as a lesson to avoid foolish discussions in the future about silly subjects. This is a time of romances and joys, of reconciliations and arrangements in the case of Capricorn who have had difficulties in their personal relationships.capricorn daily horoscope today on 12th june 2019

You are on the threshold of the new moon and today with the movement of Mercury to your opposite sign the dynamic energy that surrounds you is impressive. Put your sentimental resources to work and you will achieve a reconciliation if something unpleasant happened between you, it is your night of love and passion do not waste it.

Take care of your environment and do not go to use caustic or irritating products because today your skin is very sensitive as well as the respiratory mucous membranes and that kind of solutions would irritate you and cause problems in your health. Be careful.

Beware of those negative people in your work who are surrounding you on this day because they could easily get involved in one of your troubles or hoaxes. Do not comment on your bosses, superiors or administration. Tomorrow a gratifying job surprise awaits you.

Money and Luck
A door is opening in your economy and soon you will be receiving reliable information from a business that can give you a considerable sum of money in a few days. A contract awaits you, attends the signals you are receiving.

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