Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 16th December 2020

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 16th December 2020

This Wednesday you will witness shocking transformations in your life because you feel closer and closer to the start of your birthday cycle, which will happen on the 21/22 peak. There is an economic advantage associated with the presence of a person from abroad or from another city who comes to your side to propose a productive business. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages well before committing, but do not reject them outright because it has a lot of potentials. You are in time to correct a mistake and relive a very intense and happy romance that will consolidate your emotional reality. You are determined to apply good resolutions, you will be in a pleasant and cooperative mood, positively. Take care of your food balance. Recreation related to the arts would positively rejuvenate you. The new moon expressly invites you to take the necessary step back before you definitely launch forward! You will know what to say and what to do today to mark the spirits, points!

Sometimes, because you don’t hurt someone’s feelings, you talk to them in a way that no one understands. It is good that you look for the most appropriate words and that you use a cordial tone, but from there you have to put the direct one and not go through the hills because you leave people confused. This is especially important in a loving environment. If this guy you’ve been dating lately doesn’t fill you up enough, tell him openly, because the way you’ve been doing it, he may think you feel the opposite. And if you are one of the Capricorns who is in a stable relationship and you want to advance in it, do not beat around the bush and manifest yourself as clearly as you can.capricorn daily horoscope 16th december 2020

Capricorn will pay you some arrears if that’s the case, and you can buy what you’ve been needing for a while. Reflect very calmly on an investment you want to make, it may not be the best time. At work, you may have to do things that are not yours. You don’t have much stress and that will help you to advance tasks and plan. Make your decisions cold and you will succeed in everything you have these days. You have a very good day to enjoy it with friends or meet new people. Soon you will have invitations that you should take advantage of, you will have a lot of fun. You will have a lot of energy these days and you will be in a good mood, you will have a good time. You feel good and with a lot of positive energy that you will spread to others. Psychologically you are a bit down, but physically and in health you are fine. Your nerves could spoil an issue at hand, do not allow it.

The loving terrain expands in front of you in the figure of someone who appears in a chance encounter to leave you thinking day and night about the possibility of a relationship. If you already have a partner, this will be a kind of sentimental reinforcement.

A day of love placed under high cosmic pressure. Important issues and decisions to be made? Now maybe the time to figure out a new way to look at your future. You have specific and ambitious goals that you want to achieve.

On this day, the arrival of Mercury opens a new cycle at the sentimental level for your sign, especially for natives of the second decan. Indeed, the latter also benefit from the influence of Venus. For singles, this will be a good time to meet new people. Conversely, people in a relationship may encounter some turbulence in their relationship and must be careful to show restraint in order not to aggravate a situation that could quickly degenerate.

If you feel too loaded, try to direct your energy towards the side that you like to live the most. There is the recovery of your level of health during this last fortnight of the year.

In this period of confinement, we are temporarily leaving aside the leisure section. Indeed, it does not seem responsible for us to encourage you to go out or to exercise a sport in a group.

You’ve got your back, literally! Manhandled at work, misunderstood in the family, your lower back will suffer. The presence of Venus in your sky makes you particularly sensitive to back problems. Start by adopting the right reflexes by not carrying heavy loads and avoiding bending over. Avoid playing violent sports, prefer to put on a swimsuit to do a few lengths in the backstroke at the pool. And if you don’t like water, consider yoga.

Do not be exasperated if the person who should give you a job does not fulfill their responsibility in time. Solve for yourself what you must and make the pertinent changes so that this situation does not cause you to work problems again. Fortunately, you are now in a very clear tone in terms of employment.

For those who continue their professional activities: If you decide to take your professional independence, the stars support your steps, in the event of dismissal the transition is done in a peaceful atmosphere. You find a good balance and better conditions await you, you evolve.

Money and Luck
Nothing is achieved if you do not risk a position or money. Today is good for planning economic strategies, but not for signing legal documents. Capricorn Luck Today

Purchases, sales, negotiations are favorable to you. Now is the time to apply for a loan or financial assistance. You want to surround yourself with comfort and beauty, and you might be spending a bit too much.

The presence of Saturn in your sky will make your working day as pleasant as the early hours of spring. After some turmoil and a lot of doubts, you are finally thriving in what you do. The signing of a contract, the realization of a project, or an unexpected success will put you in the spotlight. If everything goes for the best at work, the situation is not the same financial question. Some natives could indeed lose money following a bad investment.

Family and Friends
Excellent auspices lie ahead for your family life. You are going to have a great time with your loved ones, whether they are your children, your partner or your parents. Complicity, fun, and joviality are the order of the day. Be careful though, you are not completely immune to a bad turn of events. Luckily, if you keep your cool, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting your good fortune back on track.

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