Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th October 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th October 2018

Something worries you, but you should not let yourself be carried away by pessimism or fear, because if you act like that, you will be involved in compromising situations. On this day when a relevant cosmic movement occurs there will be different scenarios in your sentimental horizon.

Maybe you have to fulfill certain social obligations that seem unproductive, but in the long run they will be very useful because in a short time some of the friends you know will help you a lot. You are at an appropriate time to request a salary increase in your job, ask for a bank loan or try the chance in an adventure out of the ordinary.

Avoid seeing yourself wrapped in a love triangle or cause situations that cause confusion or future grief. Work calmly and put on a scale what suits you best.

Mental recreation is vital to maintaining good health. Attend a place where you can enjoy a few hours of rest and joy. The distraction and variety will help you think less about your health problems.

This work week that started on Monday presents many changes and unforeseen situations in your work. You must take everything philosophically because if you let yourself be carried away by the emotional impulses of the moment you would make mistakes.

Money and Luck
The tone that surrounds you is shocking. A person who approaches you with an interesting idea can contribute a lot to your economic improvement, possibly traveling within a few days and signing some important paper for you.