Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 1st August 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 1st August 2018

It is possible that things do not go as you have planned so you should put the issues in perspective to consider them better.

This tendency also extends to your love life in which you must grant more, commit and even give your arm to twist in a sentimental discussion so that you can maintain the balance that could have been lost by a misinterpretation due to the retrograde planetary influence prevailing in These moments come from your ruler, Saturn.capricorn daily horoscope wednesday 1st august 2018

If you are far from someone you love, do not worry because very soon you will receive news that will bring you back to happiness and what awaits you will be even better than you were thinking.

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Any change in your habitual patterns of life can cause a disorder. Do not be alarmed if you feel any unexpected discomfort, but be alert to the signs and signals sent by your body.

What you say could be used in your favor or against you. The influence of Saturn and Pluto, both retrograde, forces you to be more prudent than on other occasions. Measure your words and do not divulge company secrets or confidences received from your co-workers.

Money and Luck
Everything is possible, Capricorn. An unexpected trip will become a casual encounter with a very important person in the world of commerce. This meeting can create a real transformation in your economic destiny and increase your income considerably.